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Australian Bureau of Statistics

Patent Search

IP Australia - Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Plant Breeders Rights
IP Australia

Australian Securities and Investment Commission

Australian Taxation Office
Checklist for New Businesses

Australian Institute of Commercialisation
Assisting innovators to commercialise their ideas.

Project Prospectus
Investor related documents; prospectuses, IMs, Investor Briefs and more.

Information about Start Ups

Eco Investor
Information about eco investments

Inventors Association of Australia (SA) Inc.
Inventors Association links

Microcredit Summit

Singapore Entrepreneurs Site

Google Patent Search

Thinking of Applying for a Patent - to patent or not to patent, that is the question.

Practical Patent Information/

Entrepreneurs online community


Dice Kids - encouraging children to think about innovation


Innovation Collaboration Platform

Innovation Firebug