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A Guide to Private Investment in Private Companies

The Business Angels Manual

"The manual is really a very, very good document. It addresses the key issues directly and succinctly. Well done." MS (Investor)

"I read and enjoyed thoroughly the Private Capital for Private Companies guide" LW (Investor)

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We are in an exciting new era in Australian business. Business Angels Founder Christine Kaine, spent six years developing an innovative matching service that helps small businesses and investors find the best options in the private venture capital market. She then documented her findings in a work book Private Capital for Private Companies, the ultimate companion for those embarking on their search for an angel investor, or business to invest in. She stresses the importance of Venture Skills not just Venture Capital.

There are two types of resource that Australian small business needs; capital and knowledge. The right business angel can offer both. But how do business angels and small businesses meet? This is exactly the question Business Angels Founder Business Angels Founder Christine Kaine asked herself when she read about the business angel process.

Andrew Blair, Executive Director of Business Angels International, based in London, found the manual “exceptionally well-researched and highly informative”. He wrote expressing his enthusiasm:

"As an avowed business archangel and an avid practitioner in this field, I am happy to confirm that your publication is by far the most practical work of its kind. I am convinced that many business angels and entrepreneurs alike will now find your publication of infinite value. Notwithstanding the numerous home-grown examples, the principles are universal. What I found particularly refreshing was your emphasis throughout, on the Human Resource aspects of what we are all collectively trying to achieve in different ways."

Private Capital for Private Companies documents the history and experience of angel investing in Australia. It introduces people to a series of systems that will give them a greater chance to successfully participate in the business angel process. The manual documents examples and advice a business angel could need to purchase equity in a private firm and advice an entrepreneur could need to sell equity in a venture.

The information is collated in a loose-leaf folder to which you can add your own notes and information about this emerging business growth solution.

The manual is friendly, anecdotal and easy to use. It is a must for businesses, investors, accountants, advisers or consultants and anyone who is interested in the future development of Australian business.

Available in three formats:

  1. PDF file via emailLoose Leaf Folder
  2. Loose Leaf Folder
  3. PDF file on CD

Please note: The manual makes reference to 1998 when it was written. Not a lot has changed since then and you will still find the information in this manual very relevant today.

If you are unable to purchase the manual, enquire about borrowing the CD version at your local library. Quote ISBN 0-9750083-0-7

We received the manual yesterday thanks, it certainly is of great depth, explains the process and is of huge value. If I had of had this information during earlier business partner associations I would be a lot wealthier now financially and mentally.  BG

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This is the ultimate companion, a definitive guide, essential reading for those wishing to involve themselves successfully in the Business Angel process.

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