Looking for a Business Angel?

The Business Perspective

A Business Angel is an investor that provides development capital to growing companies or new companies. They usually want to be involved in the business in which they invest; either directly or as a mentor.

Their investment is usually an equity investment rather than a loan to be repaid with interest. There will usually be an agreement to buy them out or sell their share at some future date. There are many options and advice from business professionals should be sought.

Business Angels personally refers investors - business angels - to small businesses based on the following criteria: compatibility, skills, experience and the amount of finance required.

You can register your opportunity on this Internet site. We will personally match the requests of both parties on our database.

The information we ask you is:

  1. Your background or business history - to give the angel investors confidence in your abilities?
  2. What is your business
  3. What are your growth plans - how will you deploy the angels funds?
  4. How can an investor help - how will you use the angels skills and network?

Only when the requests of the business and the angel match will details be given. They are given to the angel who will then decide to contact you or not. When you meet an angel you will need a sound business plan (not necessarily on paper but which can be prepared from the information you have gathered), your business history, your ability to demonstrate your skills and commitment to succeed. Angels expect you to have a clear idea about what the funds you ask for will be used for.

Business Angels usually decide against investing in a business for the following reasons:

  • No confidence in the business owner;
  • Limited growth prospects of the business;
  • Limited market for the product/service;
  • Proposed value of equity in the business is unrealistic,
  • Management's lack of expertise or talent necessary for success
  • The business depends totally on the owners skill.

Business and character references are sometimes required. Past business failure should not deter you from applying, the reasons for the failure can be taken into consideration.

Networking Opportunities

Business Angels networks people selectively, referring people to each other as often as is necessary to find the right combination of Business Angel and business person. The ultimate choice is yours and naturally we can accept no responsibility for the outcome. However, we urge you to call on the expertise of professionals in appropriate areas. We can refer you to professional advisers who can assist you Consultants. We can also network groups of people for exchange of ideas and contacts. There is also the option of matching people with complementary businesses to share premises and facilities.


The details of your opportunity will be stored on our internal database in Melbourne and personally matched. A simple description will be displayed on this site. An angel who is interested to contact you will be required to register and provide details about what they are looking for and what they have to offer in terms of skills, capital and connections. Only when the criteria of both parties are matched will the angel be given your contact details. Angel Profiles

Advice from an angel:

"Christine, I have found your site very useful and have been introduced to some interesting businesses. However, alongside the good, there has been a common and recurring source of frustration for me which I thought it might be useful to point out to you and your potential businesses. A number of business owners have just not thought through, or cannot communicate, with any specificity their plans for their business: how they want to take the business forward; what new funds will be used for; how much funding will be required; and what the plans and funding are expected to deliver in revenue and profit growth. This makes it difficult and slow for an angel to move forward. Without at least some idea of this information how can I as an investor know how attractive an investment this might be, how much to invest, and what share of the company I should expect for my investment?

The fundamental problem seems to be that some business owners have not taken the time to think things through from the investor's perspective. To understand what sort of things an investor is looking for and what sort of information and communication they require to make their decision. In a way it's no different from dealing with customers. A successful business person must be able to put themselves in the shoes of their potential customers in order to make sure they communicate with them in a way that makes it easy for them to buy. Likewise business owners would be doing themselves a big favour if they were able to put themselves in the shoes of the potential investor and therefore communicate with investors in a way that made it easy for them to invest."