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"I have completed my registration and I have to thank you for the questions; just this process alone is worth the fee - I have a much much better understanding of our business goals, and my personal goals - and where I am headed. SD

Registration Process

For Businesses, this our registration process builds a your company profile and is sent to screened angel investors that match their preferences and criteria.

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For Angels, the company profiles assists us to match them to the business angels' preferences and criteria.

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Business Questions

If you are seeking an angel investor we ask four basic questions:

  • What is the business or employment background of the key players in the business? This gives the investor confidence in your ability to run your business? This information will also assist them to see how their skills, experience and contacts will compliment yours.
  • What is your business - describe what you have been doing up till now
  • What are your short and medium term plans and opportunities?
  • How can an investor help? Many of our investors want to assist in more ways than cash investment. They have skills and contacts that can assist you to reach your goals quicker than you could on your own.

Your response to these questions is your chance to impress the angel investor. They will be motivated to phone you for a personal discussion based on what they read.

Please note that investors are never impressed to hear that their funds will be used to retire debt. They want to contribute to business growth and create new revenue, you can retire your debt from your share of profit.

Internet description: - Describe your business as neutrally as possible. We allow up to 50 words. You must remain anonymous, do not use your business name or words that can identify you.

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Tips for filling in questionnaire

When answering questions place yourself in the other person's shoes and ask: Would I respond with enthusiasm to this information?

If you are a business seeking an angel investor, is your description detailed enough to motivate the investor to pick up the phone to speak to you in person?

Have you listed all the possible ways for an investor to be involved in your business? Some angels want a lot of involvement, some only want regular updates and to give advice as required. Many investors tell me that the entrepreneurs only want their money ... would you be happy with this is you were the investor?

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If you are an Angel Investor

  • If you are a private investor we ask for your resume or a statement of your business history. Your questionnaire asks about your qualification, business background, current business interests, boards etc., the size and location of the business you seek.
  • If you are a company we ask for a company profile. Please note that we will seek permission from any business you request further information about before we provide you with their profile.
  • Consultants who want to consult for an equity stake in a company in lieu of fees will provide a capability statement. You complete the 'investor' questionnaire whether you want to invest cash or not.
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    After you register

    The website is updated with your profile within an hour of receiving your questionnaire.

    The files are matched and within a few days, sometimes within hours, referrals are made.

    We supply an enlarged business opportunity description to the angel investor when an opportunity matches their requests and they meet the business's requests. The business receives an email notifying of the referral to the specific member ID. The investor then contacts the business to discuss the opportunity and if both parties agree they arrange to meet to ascertain if there is the possibility of a working partnership.

    Investors also request information about listings, we ensure that there is a match before we forward the profile.

    Our personal matching ensures that referrals are made with discretion.

    Please note:
  • We cannot supply any further information about a business apart from the anonymous web profile unless we are satisfied that the requests of both the angel investor and the business match.
  • We cannot provide any details about an angel investor to a business without the investor's permission.
  • Please read the service agreement and confidentiality agreement

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    Testimonial: Hi there,
    M appears to be the ideal investor for us, I don't think it could get any better! We've agreed to meet in Melbourne to discuss if we wish to take this further. Whatever the outcome, this is a very high quality investor inquiry (way above average) - THANK YOU!!
    My apologies for the lack of updates. The company is genuinely moving at about 1 million miles an hour, and we have also enjoyed considerable success in raising capital via our own efforts. I will get an update to you over the weekend.
    Despite some early reservations, I think you provide a great service and have been the source of a number of high quality investor inquiries. Regardless of how things develop with M, I will be referring people to you in future.
    Kindest regards, T

    Read this feedback from a startup business about his meetings with an investor.

    Feedback: Hi,
    Sorry about the delay in response, things are unbelievably hectic at the moment. Who knew starting a business was so much hard work. ;-)
    Update: My potential investor has asked me to provide more information about the inner workings of my proposed business, and is being understandably cautious in his approach.
    No actual terms are on the table after 3 meetings and I am working on providing information for him, over the next couple of days.
    As I am running to a tight schedule, I would appreciate it if you could keep your eye out for other likely investors, so that I don't have 'all my eggs in one basket'.
    My experience with this investor has prompted me to focus on certain areas of the business and provide information that investors require. So if nothing else, it has been a good learning experience and now places me in a much stronger position in terms of how I portray my proposed business.
    Thanks and kind regards, A