Crowd Sourcing Entrepreneurs

Crowd Sourced entrepreneurs helps you tap into the crowd to find compatible people with shared passion and commitment. Through the business angels profiling and matching service you can do this in a smart way. With the right people, together you can contribute to a project to make it commercially viable. This strengthens your ability to create compelling businesses that will attract funding from various sources. You may need a combination of things;

  • a co-founder, or
  • a specifically skilled person to complete the team, or
  • a company that can provide services to compliment your project, and more.

    Advantages of the Crowd

    Drawing on the crowd, wherever they are, is a smart option. For crowdfunding, where everyone chips in a bit, it is more than just funding. It brings together three key things, underpinned by shared values:

  • the product,
  • the market, and
  • the funding
  • Crowdfunding is capturing a lot attention. It enables people to bring ideas to market; small ideas but also large ideas like the Pebble smart watch. Click on the link to see how these guys pitched on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter for $100k and raised $10m.

    Business Angels recognised the importance of finding the right people for business ventures over 20 years ago. She is passionate about fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. The founding principle on which the Business Angel matching service was built is to facilitate strong relationships between people.

    Closing the Gap

    Getting together with likeminded people is increasingly attractive in our complicated business environment. Having the right team can strengthen your position when seeking investors. Finding complimentary people, however, is a challenge. Incubators and co-working spaces certainly bridge the gap. Now, through the Business Angel matching service we close the gap.

    Find a Match

    This website is a way to facilitate a virtual co-working space where entrepreneurs can register to find compatible entrepreneurs to take projects and business ideas to the next level. Each applicant is profiled through our expert systems and referred when a possible match is found.

    Your project may also need an Angel Investor. Or it might need a combination of Crowdfunding and Angel investment, through our profiling and matching we can also assist with this.

    The Future for Crowd-funding in Australia

    Australia will hopefully have a crowd-sourced equity funding solution soon. This will mean that investors can own a stake in the business they support. It will also mean that start-ups will have to be very accountable on every level. This will increase the need to have the right team.

    How to Register for CrowdEntrepreneurs

    Click on the Register an Company Profile here button and choose the Crowd Entrepreneurs option. If you want a combination of crowd entrepreneurs and angel investors select the level of service that you require on the Fees page

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