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  • Equity funding is the business finance of future, debt funding is part of the old economy (a combination of both can work well).
  • The skills and contacts of the investor are AS important as the funds.
  • Small businesses in the third millennium must be smart, must have the agility to cover many bases and be open-minded to compete in a global economy.

If you want to register your skills to help investors and businesses facilitate the right deal then you must complete the registration application form - choose the investor option. Upon receipt of your payment we will email you a link to the online registration form. Your requests will be stored on our in-house database and if your criteria matches the requests of the business or investor we will provide them with your contact details.

We are keen to register consultants who have expertise in the business angel process.

Also see the angels page for more consultants who want to emphasise their investment rather than their consulting.


Member IDExpertiseLocation
70450I am a senior software solution architect and technologist with a 30 year history of designing and managing business technology solutions utilising a variety of technologies. My key expertise is the ability to quickly analyse and devise creative solutions to business problems and designing solutions in days rather than weeks or months. I am available to mentor or consult to companies from $100K to $5,000.000M turnover to help them resolve technology challenges that may be limiting the growth or potential of their business. VIC
70394I am looking for a business with opportunity to be scaled which requires extra resources to achieve its full potential (ideally from a consultative equity position as a partner to the business).

I have first hand experience of building small business and charity organisations in addition to being employed by global and national businesses. I have well rounded experience in finance and business including

- Management & training of staff
- Build & implementation of effective processes
- Build & maintain business plan
- Management of website
- Management of taxation requirements
- Financial Control duties (implementation of processes to control cash, asset management, software e.g. ERP, management/board reporting, forecasting)
- company secretarial & governance duties
- Management of all key stakeholders

Decade of experience as a senior finance & governance professional in financial control/decision support roles within mining, resources, construction and support services.

Qualifications CPA/FGIA/MAICD
70374I have extensive experience in growth advisory, capital structuring and capital raising. I'm representing a network of investors who have proven track record of growing emerging businesses and who are keen to invest in the right opportunities.

I'm looking to be involved in profitable businesses that have demonstrated progress in the past and have scalable business model.
70348I'm a foreign exchange dealer/finance professional with over 10 years experience working with a range of businesses, from startups, to SMEs, larger corporate entities and charitable organisations. The major benefit I can provide is in looking at the FX requirements, trade finance, and freight forwarding aspects of the business for importers and exporters and find ways of doing it more efficiently and cheaper. Savings can be quite substantial and in most cases it's reasonably easy to achieve strong results.VIC
70340Interested in providing guidance to Consumer Goods businesses around major customer negotiations, as well as marketing strategy and operational matters.
What I can contribute Sales experience negotiating with major Australian and UK retailers. Profit and Loss guidance. Manufacturing and logistics experience, specifically around cost reduction initiatives.
Marketing strategy.
70335My company has been created to help entrepreneurs by providing a dedicated and affordable Sales as a Service function.
Many business owners struggle with building sales momentum (which created revenue) and a solid lead generation program to ensure the sales pipeline is full and healthy.
We hire, train and manage the sales team for you, either in-house or externally from our own offices. We specialise in telephone sales, face to face sales, trade show representation, lead generation and research. We can also provide a product support call centre if required.
We have been entrepreneurs ourselves for 25 years and understand how crucial sales is to your business.
Our services are usually commission based with a small set up, depending on what your business requires. We can even help raise investment.
Happy to discuss the opportunities to out source your sales, generate revenue and become more attractive to investors.
70333Having founded and run my own Management Consultancy business for 20 years, I was exposed to 100's of different organisations with their diverse industries, sizes, business models and leaders.
As a result, I can offer my skills to support strategic thinking about issues and opportunities, business models, and implementation challenges. I am passionate to support business founders whose purpose is to contribute to a more sustainable, just and conscious world, whist also generating a viable, sustainable business vehicle
70299I'm looking to build a strong working relationship with an entrepreneur who is willing to learn and build a business they can exit.
My experience can help raise capital, boot strap growth, arrange and setup advisory boards, performance structures, partnerships, productisation, exit strategy.
70249We have a track record of being able to take a product/service & scaling it. For example we created a product in one of our businesses and sold 15,000 units in the 1st year, 25,000 units in the 2nd year and now have launched into EU and USA. We can contribute mentoring, access to resources: Locations, Warehousing, Designers, PR, Marketing & Sales,QLD
70116Looking for Businesses that need some additional funding, Business knowhow, strategies, motivation and accountability. I have experience owning and operating several Businesses and have skills in all areas of Business growth and management.
I am a knowledgeable Business Owner, facilitator and coach with specific strengths in Strategic planning, finance, cash flow, leadership, systems, training, team, customer service, marketing and sales.
Looking for Businesses that have drive and potential, but need some assistance. Can contribute money and/or time/skills on a part time basis.
70107Seeking to invest in established and/or growing businesses with a long-term focus, serve as a partner with management, or simply help in turnaround management. I have strong management and financial skills, and I am interested in the manufacturing sector. I aim to create strong, lasting relationships with owners and managers and build a trust relationship by responding to the business needs and communicating openly. I do speak English, French and Arabic fluently if this helps too.OTHER
70104We are a Professional Finance business, that funds / pre-pays against specific rebates that a company may be eligible for- including the R & D Rebate. We provide an efficient and cost-effective solution and can assist in introducing companies to R & D Consultants should they require an assessment re - eligibility.VIC
70096One of the leading mobile app, responsive website & cloud application development companies in Australia, we are a local and highly talented team of consultants, designers and developers. Our primary focus is to help our valued clients achieve the best possible outcomes from small projects to large developments for enterprise. If you have an idea for an app then act now and give us a call, we are here to help bridge the gap between the idea, development, launch & marketing of your app.QLD
70013I am an economist and business modelling expert, with experience across a wide range of industries (health care, wine, food, telecoms, water, post and transport), both in Australia (8+ years) and the UK (9 years).
My models and advice help investors and businesses to understand the key risks that they face, and to make informed decisions. I am a specialist at breaking down and dealing with complex and unusual business problems.
I can help clients to make clear business plans, or to challenge and test existing plans and projections. My work can help clients answer questions such as:
· What is my business worth?
· How, and how much, should I charge for my product?
· How much cash does my business/project need to raise?
· What are the options to make my business more profitable, and which one should I focus on?
I use innovative strategies and modelling tools to bring fresh insight to the challenges that clients face. My work will be presented as simply and clearly as possible, and in plain English, for maximum benefit to clients.
69979We am looking for sustainable technologies with a focus on lifecycle and business integrity. My express purpose is to be able to integrate your concepts and products into a system which is already connected to commercial outcomes. We are particularly interested in energy storage.QLD
69971Since 1985 I have prepared business plans and financial models for 100-odd good Aussie entrepreneurs. I had 20 years prior practical experience in production, QA, sales, marketing, finance and administration.
I have worked for governments, investment managers and insolvency firms and have written a book about business planning and financial modelling. I am willing to invest in a good project.
69944I have an extensive experience of plastic product development. I can contribute for Formulation development, Production process and Market development. I also have a good experience of managing Production floors, start-up projects.NSW
69919I have two and a half decades of experience in medical devices in many countries. I am primarily looking at India, Sri Lanka, Nepal & Bangladesh. I can set up, kick-start or advise very well on distribution management and recommend distributors in all these countries relevant to the product in question. I have, in the last one year completed 18 projects in distribution management & in regulatory issues for one of the leading clients Emergo Group USA. Most of our clients (manufacturers) who signed me up through Emergo Group are from USA & Europe. Currently working on 2 more projects. I can consult on desalination plants for any kind of application or set-up bug or small.OTHER
69826Am a seasoned and experienced entrepreneur and business leader, having founded and built a global franchise out of the US into an International enterprise. Even listing it on the Frankfurt Exchange. Have also taken Australian concepts to the US and led the growth from infancy. Looking for a great business that requires the drive and passion of a season leader like myself. I am Australian born with dual citizenship (USA). WA
69638I have had numerous years of multifaceted experience in the start up phase of many businesses, and relish the challenge. My skills can assist local businesses with their strategic planning and growth management. My preferred role would be as a part-time consultant, and possible investor. I am located in Bairnsdale Victoria.VIC
69557I'm looking for businesses where there is a demand for product or start up with capital in an emerging area. We have experience in branding, sales and marketing strategies through to executive of strategic plans in Australia and New Zealand with medium to large business. Most of our activity is direct response marketing across TV, digital, radio, press, magazines, outdoor and use of sponsorships. We would like to contribute our services and skills to help you grow.
69372Determined top manager with experience of building, buying and selling international online and mobile companies is looking to assist startups with achieving their aspirations. NSW
69357background in IT/IP law, looking for niche software or scalable processes. Building up network of contacts in Asia where companies are looking for acquisitions.
69215Senior Executive with the proven ability to take a small start-up company and turn it into a profitable concern. Very experienced in creating and developing products that are still currently being marketed worldwide and used by some of the largest companies in the world. My skills include financial strategies, finding partners and distributors, determining the Unique Selling Proposition, identifying niche markets, and developing submissions for government grants. In my early career I held national Chief Engineer positions for major companies. Expertise in robotics. I also have a strong interest in aviation and have a pilot's licence. VIC
69129I am a structural engineer interested in a challenging opportunity to assist a business to advance by improving its effectiveness using principles, systems and experience I have made effective in my consulting and development operations. Interested in all facets of the construction industry and perhaps property development. Happy to consult for fee or equity.VIC
68904Looking for people who have the passion and motivation but may lack the strategic or planning perspective? I have spent many years in business planning and consulting in numerous industries so can fill that gap in a friendly, caring yet professional manner. Also experienced in investor funding and managing both the business owner and investors.
68422My contribution is strong marketing, negotiation and brand building skills. Ability to think creatively. Experience in Film and TV marketing, mobile phone aps among other things.NSW
68240Seeking to partner with people/organisation that make a difference. Ideally they have an innovative product or service that has potential for growth both locally and overseas. I am an energetic professional wanting to make a success of opportunities that present themselves. With a proven track record I can contribute in the areas of sales, finance, and management having had experience in IT, manufacturing, and R&D/science organisations.VIC
66332General capital raising consultant.VIC
Please NoteThere are more consultants listed on the "Investor" page. They are more interested to invest than to consult. As a stake holder they are confident that the financial outcomes will exceed the fees that they would earn from their consulting.