Financing the Future

  • Equity funding is the business finance of the future, debt funding is part of the old economy (a combination of both can work well).
  • The skills and networks of the investor are AS important as the funds.
  • Small businesses in the third millennium must be smart, must have the agility to cover many bases and be open-minded to compete in a global economy.

Investors should note that some businesses may wish to know your identity before they agree to be contacted by you. Our systems can deal with commercially sensitive issues.

Investors are required for these projects

   = Environmentally sustainable


Member IDNotesMin InvestMax InvestLocation
70525 Consultancy seeking investor to assist to grow our unique business$50,000$200,000QLD
70524 EWe are a well established manufacturer & wholesaler in the Pet Treat industry with an established customer base of over 500 retail outlets. We are looking for significant expansion into the supermarket sector & possible export markets as well as growth within the pet sector through new & innovative products.$300,000$450,000VIC
70517 EBoat building company with award-winning boat accessories that make boating safer by increasing stability, control, ride and flotation. Also includes a unique and exclusive aluminium &/or fiberglass hull design with state of the art hydrodynamic technology. Looking for an investor who Knows how to build & expand companies, including exporting.$200,000$900,000QLD
70504 EWe are commercialising proven lithium ion battery technology that increases electric vehicle range by up to 75%. We intend to become a global producer and licensor of sustainable, next generation battery materials and technology to the US$125bn lithium ion battery market.$50,000$500,000NSW
70484 EManufacturer of eco skin care, sustainable manufactured on our Permaculture farm developed from herbs we grow.$0$20,000NSW
70470 Product invention targeted at parents of young children to reduce risks of over-medication. Medical-retail but not complex. No direct competitors. I am seeking assistance with prototype development and strategies for sales. Have approached two Pharma companies, one particularly interested in a working prototype.$10,000$100,000WA
70469 EWe have developed an innovative designed array of Bushfire Fighting Appliances with unmatched technology, significantly reduced build times, end user simplicity focussed, Australian Sourced Components and backed by an ongoing service program with remote monitoring capacity for ease of programmed maintenance. Seeking mentoring input and financial investment.$750,000$2,000,000WA
70458 We are a new product supplier to the motor racing industry and have won large supply contracts in just 6 months of operation with further opportunities on the horizon. We are shaking up the market and growing fast and need assistance to support this growth.$300,000$500,000VIC
70444 EWell established and profitable business that designs, manufactures and markets a niche leading swimming pool system and offers a large established and growing client base and reputable brand. We would welcome an investor who has the experience required to assist/lead the company into the (not inconsiderable) profitable future.
70428 EProducing and commercialising an inventive sun-protection product for cyclists and other outdoor recreation as a much-needed alternative to current product limitations. This affordable, eco-friendly product can make a positive difference to population health by reducing high levels of sun-related skin cancer (especially Australia) and encourage people into outdoor physical activity.$20,000$120,000SA
70426 Emerging boutique women's footwear label designed in Melbourne, challenging the AU/NZ fashion marketplace by delivering bold, colourful, premium quality styles not commonly found or afforded here. With limited quantities of each style, customers are offered exclusivity and small production runs also mean less wastage and impact on the environment.$50,000$100,000VIC
70425 EPatented product to assist with hanging washing out quickly and efficiently. Will assist those with bad backs. Looking for an investor to assist with sales and marketing.$60,000$150,000SA
70419 We have developed an innovative and unique waste system that easily and simply solves an age-old problem. Fast and easy fitment, saves time and money.
We seek an investor to assist us to expand this patented range and develop both the Australian and Overseas markets.
70417 EProviding the best in anti-aging through natural organic non-toxic products. Capturing the latest in research to provide benefits that are safe, noticeable and lasting. Passionate, committed and striving for excellence. An uncompromising belief that the answer to natural beauty and inner health lies in organic and natural solutions.$50,000$100,000QLD
70416 EThis company engineers Bioenergy Systems. KPMG estimates the potential market size in Australia is $3.5bn. Bioenergy is a proven technology, converting food waste to baseload renewable energy. The technology can operate as a battery for renewable energy, providing valuable shoulder peak power and steam behind the meter.$350,000$2,000,000VIC
70413 EDesign-driven brand poised to enter worlds largest niche market. Two years product development and testing. Proven direct sales model. Multi-channel markets researched and defined. Suits online customisation and personalisation. Manufacturing logistics in place. Ready to commercialise. Experienced team seeks capital to accelerate entry to USA. Trade sale in 6-8 years$250,000$2,500,000VIC
70401 This business opportunity is offering something totally unique to the market - an affordable and effective solution for homeowners and small businesses located in flood prone areas. The solution has withstood rigorous testing in the workshop and demand has been identified across a number of areas within Australia.$70,000$120,000NSW
70389 EStart up online e-commerce business raising money for global Environmental and social causes. Seeking investment for product production and launch including new web development.$30,000$50,000QLD
70383 EEnvironmental manufacturing company with sales and service centres in most Australian capital centres and overseas. Seeking investment to improve testing procedures and Asian export market opportunities. Bespoke and standard product with industry recognised brand names and trade marks registered in Australia and some overseas markets.$250,000$2,000,000NSW
70377 EOur company researches textiles and garment technologies. We develop affordable products used in hot workplaces. $48,000 AUD retail value of inventory in stock. Want to accelerate turnover and start next production run. Australian Proprietary Company, Limited by Shares, 100% owned by the founder. No debt.$100,000$500,000WA
70376 EAn engineering service provider to the Space, Defence and Science sectors. We are looking to expand domestically and globally into both traditional and emerging markets.$50,000$1,000,000NSW
70353 EOrganic skincare production with unique point of difference and high ethical standards. Business vision to expand to incorporate products/services to support various holistic lifestyle elements.$40,000$100,000NSW
70350 EAnimal lovers - opportunity to be part of an dynamic natural personal care product company focused on offering innovative solutions to millennials with strong social justice values focused on animal welfare$20,000$500,000NSW
70332 EWe are manufacturers of an organic soil conditioner, first in Australia, with unique and proprietary advantages yielding excellent results. This will reduce ocean water contamination. Investor with Agricultural network, sales and marketing and export logistics an advantage.$500,000$1,500,000QLD
70307 EA simple, patented, cost effective device addressing common problem with domestic tanks and pools. Almost ready for market, huge potential. $80,000$160,000QLD
70283 EWe turn the world's escalating waste into environmentally clean products. Production is already pre-sold. Experienced Board, project ready to go. Estimated returns year 1 calculated at $12million.
Good exit strategy at that time, but investors welcome to stay on. Estimated revenue on business expansion by year 4 calculated at $60million.
70265 ERevolutionary water heating device that is very efficent and affordable with no moving parts or electrical connections.$90,000$400,000QLD
70261 EOur product is an innovative, sustainable and digitally-designed component-based building system that fixes many of the wasteful practices of traditional building. We are seeking investors with experience in commercialising new products, especially in the building and constructions industry.$100,000$2,000,000NSW
70238 EAs a manufacturer of sustainable clothing, we are seeking an investor with clothing manufacturing, sales and marketing expertise to join us in turning our label into an iconic brand in Australia and the global market place.$50,000$150,000NSW
70233 This business has developed a innovative boat capable of both low and high speed travel in high sea states. The vessel allows safe, comfortable and confident travel on long ocean transits.$50,000$500,000VIC
70226 As a manufacturer of skincare, health supplements, and health food we have developed strong sales in Asia, now we need to develop the Australian market. We invite an investor with pharmacy sales/marketing to join us and together create an Australia iconic brand.$100,000$500,000QLD
70218 EWe will shift the dynamics of the entrance door market by delivering a highly bespoke, superior product with world class service direct to the customer. This innovative product and approach has been hugely successful Internationally achieving over 60% market share. Currently looking for a partner/investor to support the launch into the Australian market.$500,000$2,500,000NSW
70191 EA Company involved in PEX piping has developed a PEX pipe for carrying GAS. This will replace the imported copper pipe. Import value into Australia of $1.3 billion. Two IP products are ready to be launched. Investment $600,000 to $1.2 million for $1.7 million turnover in the first 12 months.$600,000$1,200,000VIC
70075 EReady to commercialise immediately. Led by an experienced board, a globally patented, disruptive, green technology for a 30Bn global market has been developed. Funding is required to build a mini-plant to generate an initial ~$6m pa order. Expected ~$650m valuation in 7 years.$150,000$250,000NSW
70061 EInvestors sought to manufacture an innovative method of producing General purpose Lacquers, Paints and Waterproofing Paints using waste plastic. This production process if a first of its kind in the world capable of producing paints unlike any on the market today. $1,000,000$1,500,000NSW
70069 EAn Australian inventor designed Patent Pending trap for the management of mosquito and any other pest with a truly global market. Able to be made from re-cycled plastics or aluminium this trap has major humanitarian, domestic and commercial applications for the reduction of malaria and other diseases.$100,000$500,000QLD
69968 EA method of negating drag to efficiencies potentially exceeding 98 percent, with applications beyond just ships, cars and aircraft. Experts have had their chance to debunk the theory, now it's time for proof of concept and break some world records to bring world attention.$40,000$5,000,000QLD
69963 The manufacture, sales & marketing of an incredibly exciting range of ladies' lingerie using an exclusive technique which makes the collection unique, extremely beautiful and attractive to women and to males buying gifts for women.$200,000$0NSW
69959 EOur company specialises in importing truly innovative bio-green technology from overseas. This involves designing, branding and marketing the products to the local market. All newly designed products will be marketed with a local brand in our company. The product has stunning benefits to change our dining and kitchen experience.$30,000$200,000QLD
69937 The first innovation in 60 years in electrical safety for the massive ex-factory gate A$ 6 billion plus global market.$500,000$10,000,000VIC
69913 ENew motor vehicle indication system. An evolution in automotive design and safety - could be in every new car within 10 years. 60 Million vehicles produced every year. Get involved, help protect the Intellectual Property and set up to receive exceptional dividends.
69912 EEquity partner required for a market expansion by Australian and Chinese company's targeting online and wholesale customers in the office furniture market. The Australian and Chinese manufacturing partners have 47 years combined experience manufacturing) together with one of Australia's leading Full service Internet marketer and Website developers.$500,000$1,500,000WA
69893 An Import Company specializing in Automation hardware. We typically provide factor sealed, fully guaranteed Automation hardware at approx. 50% off the market price.$100,000$2,000,000NSW
69875 EArc plasma gasification, waste to clean burning synthetic gas refineries, turning toxic waste from multiple Industry sources into a clean burning gas. Bank certified pre purchase agreements (PPAs) in place for sale of the total plant output. CDM carbon trading eligible. Vast room for expansion. Highly profitable business model. Bangladesh.$7,750,000$19,500,000NSW
69773 EAn innovative range of manual trolleys designed for residential, multiple residential and commercial/ industrial/ institutional environments. System has been accepted by the International Examiner for PCT patents as being novel, inventive and having industrial applicability.$100,000$250,000TAS
69757 Safety accessory for the kitchen, approval to go to market. Opportunity for many markets available. Expert angel in product to market required for global presents.$350,000$750,000NSW
69755 ERevolutionary, unique new unmanned airship design (patent pending) that needs seed funding to develop and commercialise. HUGE revenue potential in global markets including surveillance, photography, transport, agriculture, forestry, mining and utilities. Loved by environmentalists - 100% carbon neutral, no fossil fuels required to operate. Engineering or Aviation background (interest) welcomed.$50,000$500,000VIC
69706 An exciting manufacturing business currently launching a world's first music hardware product. Currently seeking an investment to begin production for worldwide sales & distribution. Experienced management team can work with either hands on or silent investors.$100,000$270,000NSW
69696 EInnovative Industry leading on-line business focused on niche products and services in the fashion arena with renewable revenues. No direct competitors.$300,000$1,000,000NSW
69686 Start-up company in the aviation industry. Manufacturing and distribution of an aeronautical product with sole distributor rights to Australia, NZ, PNG and South Pacific Islands. Seeking investor to support business initial growing phase both financially and as a mentor.$60,000$250,000VIC
69635 Revolutionary new laser based drilling technology for the oil, gas and geothermal industry including well completion technology with much more efficient production. $5,000,000$20,000,000HUNGARY
69598 EWater safety invention to prevent death and injury. The product has global potential and seeks an investor to take it to market in Australia and internationally.$350,000$4,500,000QLD
69581 EAn established niche market business, supplying specialised equipment to the Construction Industry, having a large, stable customer base ranging from state government bodies to universities, the biggest construction companies to small design and investigation consultancies.$300,000$1,000,000QLD
69551 EWe have developed a breakthrough patented technology for manufacturing roofing and siding products from recycled plastic and limestone. Patents have been registered in numerous industrialized countries including Australia. Capital needed to build full scale plant$350,000$3,500,000OTHER
69431 EI have developed several products for fire prevention and control. $500,000$3,000,000VIC
69339 EWe are ready to commercialise a radically new diesel engine for marine and aviation applications. The world's first 'torsionally' balanced internal combustion engine offers up to 16% increase in propulsive efficiency with vibration free, fuel efficient and low emission operation. An investor with licensing, marketing and/or commercialisation skills would be helpful.$100,000$1,000,000NSW
67993 Textile printer specializing in the latest techniques. We have developed a strong vertical market and supply corporate wear and promotional products. Investor can assist in planning of the growth and expansion of the business. We are also interested in joining forces with a compatible company.$250,000$500,000VIC