Financing the Future

  • Equity funding is the business finance of the future, debt funding is part of the old economy (a combination of both can work well).
  • The skills and networks of the investor are AS important as the funds.
  • Small businesses in the third millennium must be smart, must have the agility to cover many bases and be open-minded to compete in a global economy.

Investors should note that some businesses may wish to know your identity before they agree to be contacted by you. Our systems can deal with commercially sensitive issues.

Investors are required for these projects

   = Environmentally sustainable


Member IDNotesMin InvestMax InvestLocation
70513 SaaS human capital management software vendor which is globally recognised for its comprehensive Human Resources Management and Information System that caters to a wider spectrum of HR functions to improve the HR business processes of organisations.$3,000,000$12,000,000NSW
70505 EExceptionally well branded Online Business Platform - specialising in ecommerce and merchandising. Developed by experienced entrepreneur for a range of products using a base of wholesalers, retailers and merchants to promote and sell stock. Very low overhead structure and geared towards a new era, in online shopping.$100,000$250,000VIC
70486 EA proven, successful online business model for the parenting demographic that can expand this from one regional area, to become Australia wide and then global$50,000$350,000NSW
70485 New marketing channel to mobile apps to activate retail businesses via giving them a tool to engage with people walking past at the time the want them in. I am keen for board members who can assist with growing the business and have experience with global opportunities.$150,000$2,000,000SA
70479 EAustralia's leading, highly-scalable residential home design through build platform with a demonstrated global market opportunity. Proven team and tech-based business model having achieved $16M in revenue to-date, raising capital to support accelerated Australian market growth ahead of 2021 US market launch contemporaneously with Series B raise at significantly higher valuation.$50,000$1,800,000WA
70476 An innovative new 'Out of Home' advertising platform offering real customer engagement and interactions that can generate direct sales on the spot while capturing data and insights around customer behavior that can be used to support larger OoH campaigns.$100,000$500,000NSW
70475 EWe have developed an Australian online tutoring platform (marketplace) that effectively connects students and tutors, and supports them with an easy, secure and resourceful online learning environment.$400,000$1,500,000NSW
70472 Combining the power of digital with a scalable network model for partnership and collaboration which will integrate a fragmented sport system. Proven model and influential Board with CEOs from sport and business.$100,000$1,000,000QLD
70439 ELifestyle concierge engine suggests sequences of events, activities and venues, which optimally match and coordinate the combined interests, locations, budgets and availabilities of you, your friends/family and/or people like you. Facebook Events x 10. Working with VC MD now for $200k round in June with MVP, $500k valuation becomes $1m.
70437 We are involved in the development and operation of blockchain software, also known as decentralised applications (DApps)$250,000$2,100,000NSW
70436 EWe have built a ready-to-launch, globally scalable and powerful 3D/VR services platform, which will capture a significant share of the multi-billion-dollar 3D/VR market.

PwC forecasts VR to be the fastest growing media and entertainment sector with 4 x times the growth of video streaming (netflix) and e-games.
70434 Our product is a game changing, innovative auto DIY product that saves time, effort & money. Disrupting a massive market by enabling users to DIY like never before. With amazing industry feedback we're gearing up to transform a category and empower users. $50,000$150,000VIC
70408 EWe're building the new must-have web app for everyone, starting with uni students & techies. It's an AI assistant that gives you a chat interface (think Siri on steroids but mostly text-chat) to getting amazingly smart things done with your files and the internet. The killer AI app.$200,000$500,000VIC
70406 EDisruptor start-up technology company operating in Australia's third largest export industry, international education. Fast scalable business model with global expansion opportunities. Ready for commercialisation. Funds required for further development. Investors with technology and/or business development experience welcomed.$200,000$1,000,000VIC
70404 EWe are creating the first ever independent luxury cinema complex. Simply stated, this is an incorporation of restaurant and cinema, serving cafe and restaurant quality food in a luxurious cinema environment. The complex will consist of three luxury cinemas, a restaurant, bar, kitchen, function area, bathrooms, back of house/office spaces.$500,000$2,000,000VIC
70403 Global digital video on demand network combining two billion dollar markets; digital TV and e-Learning. Huge niche, high growth potential. First to market with global partnerships, content deals, production and beta apps in place. On the cusp of large-scale US launch on 8M+ devices. Year 3 revenue forecast $20.5M.$100,000$600,000VIC
70371 We have redefined the way live television is produced, combing high-speed computer networks with the interactivity of the internet our technology stands to fundamentally shift video production. We have an established market, product ready to ship and looking for help in supply chain, manufacturing and production efficiency to scale immediately.$500,000$2,000,000VIC
70368 Highspeed hosting supplier specializing in NBN, ADSL, Dedicated Servers, Web Hosting, SIP Trunks and more. Focussing on customer support and premium quality. Seeking an investor to capitalise on what we have established so far, we appreciate the value of mentoring and marketing guidance.$50,000$150,000VIC
70365 EWe have developed a first to market business model in our own business to give customers access to health & fitness anytime anywhere. We are ready to build the app and welcome investor input.$200,000$300,000VIC
70357 EEntrepreneur who founded and exited two tech startups, supported by former CEO of $8Bn revenue company, has developed a platform for expert led discussions on topics that matter to users. The platform addresses many of the shortcomings of social media. Opportunity to join existing investors to provide a runway to series A round next year.$50,000$500,000NSW
70327 EA newly designed knowledge network with existing users, ready to be made publicly available. Funds required for marketing, an investor with knowledge of the consumer internet would be useful. $150,000$0ACT
70323 Cyber-security, secure cloud services, Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Very experienced founders with deep knowledge, visionary solutions and strong connections in their target market. $1,000,000$5,000,000VIC
70301 EOur company has developed an algorithm which will revolutionize video streaming without buffering, and provide more efficient streaming data on devices with no drop out.
We are looking for an investor to support a prototype through to product and launch.
70298 EA cloud-based writing application for students, researchers and faculty in Higher Education. We currently have 10,000 users in 97 countries. This round of investment will enable us to release the Commercially Viable Product to establish a revenue stream. $250,000$500,000QLD
70296 Award winning businessman has developed an advanced road-safety technology for pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles. Cutting edge technology with provisional patent that saves lives. All Proof of Concept Validation Reports are complete and ready for implementation. The market is global, looking for an investor with vision and commitment.$250,000$1,000,000QLD
70077 Online shopping app, specifically selling western brands into China. Poised for next growth phase. Investor with knowledge in expanding an international team would assist.
70258 EOur software provides an easy to use cloud based system for businesses of any size to document their systems and procedures then share them with their staff$0$0VIC
70251 EWe're a company thats revolutionising spoken communications. Solving problems experienced by every person and company, in every corner of the globe. We have a A-class team award winning team of highly successful entrepreneurs, with first mover advantage and a large patent folio to future proof our position in the marketplace.$500,000$700,000NSW
70247 EThis is a startup mobile app company. This is an app with a purpose. We are partway through POC stage and have a current app build to show potential serious investors. This app will change the hydraulics industry.$300,000$1,000,000QLD
70239 ESmall innovative Aerial survey company requires investor with business acumen for the marketing of portable aerial survey system and ongoing R and D with other systems for use in the LGA , Real estate and Agricultural sectors.$100,000$200,000NSW
70229 EWe are an open market fair trade platform, that can research and negotiate on any product online anywhere in the world and has the ability to disrupt online advertising practises today. It engages, fair trade, opportunity and philanthropy at the same time to bring people together. Hands on investors wanted.$50,000$500,000WA
70224 EEstablished loyalty and discount app. Over 250,000 registered users. New financial product delivering passive income stream. Opportunity for lucrative exit. Investment needed for execution of expansion.$200,000$1,000,000NSW
70207 New innovative application for software development, capable of slashing development effort, targeting the world wide software development industry. Funding is required to turn existing prototype into world class product.$500,000$3,500,000VIC
70202 EExcited by the big picture? A sizeable gap exists in the shape of this unique social media app. The ideal investor will be excited to facilitate successful hyper-growth from startup to global game changer.$175,000$475,000QLD
70190 EWe're building a superior application for maps. Use it in your car, use it when walking, to meet friends, buy coffee or just to record your most scenic jogging track. Hands-on investor preferred.$20,000$0NSW
70177 Internet Protocol television service preparing to expand with the right investor. Sales and marketing strategy would be an advantage.$250,000$2,000,000VIC
70174 We've teamed up with industry leaders Appster to begin development on an exciting new photo-sharing app that gives to charity. World Vision, beyondblue, Greenpeace, Mission Australia and have all confirmed as official partners.$100,000$350,000VIC
70161 ESeeking a motivated investor with strengths in media, marketing and advertising; HR, business development, networking, growth and expansion, capital raisings. Considerable growth opportunity domestically and internationally for a unique food media based interactive and engaging platform including video.$500,000$10,000,000QLD
70150 EThere are over 8million people on LinkedIn listing coaching in their profile. There is no specific solution in the market place to solve the problems these coaches face in helping their clients achieve their goals, communicating in real time and sharing expertise. We have developed the solution. $250,000$500,000QLD
70149 EA new and innovative wearable product which has potential to have significant traction in a range of industries associated with off-site workers. We are looking for investor who would like a completely new challenge and knows the startup business.$20,000$2,000,000VIC
70143 EUnique advertising platform for Small to Medium businesses (SME). The company founders have experience in small business and identified an underlying problem and need in the digital advertising sector for SMEs which account for 99% of the entire business population. Platform was designed with clear scalability and exit strategies.$100,000$500,000VIC
70120 EA SAAS platform with 3 years experience, currently working with 20% market share in Victoria as well as a number of state and federal government agencies. Looking for capital and expertise in scaling software and government sales. We have an existing product and are ready to expand exponentially in existing and new markets. $50,000$150,000VIC
70113 Online shop with a different approach. Already established, now needs someone to lead the operation using the very experienced founder as a mentor/adviser. $0$0VIC
70110 EAward winning, unique Australian designed, made and owned child protection product soon to be released into the worldwide marketplace. Market testing over 18 months is indicative of requirement for this technology. A passionate investor required to pave global and positive sales growth forecast.$250,000$1,200,000VIC
70094 EGames development company with 14 years experience and strong partnership looking for capital and expertise. We have an existing suite of games and are ready to expand exponentially in existing and new markets. New products already complete awaiting marketing.$250,000$500,000WA
70090 EI have identified a a web based business and 'app' that 2 top designers have described as 'disruptive' and a 'game changer' and I'm looking to team up with individuals capable of providing the business know-how to work with me in making it a success.$0$0NSW
70085 Young entrepreneurs have developed a new generation of social media app. It addresses shortfalls in the currents apps. Ideal investor would help by structuring the startup as a business not just an app. $150,000$200,000NSW
70073 Opportunity to build software for surgical training. New technology, coupled with advanced computing hardware, has the potential to perform large scale simulation of surgical procedures. An investor is required to fund research and market analysis to determine viability. There is currently limited competition in the marketplace and high growth potential.$400,000$5,000,000QLD
70040 Multinational startup providing cutting edge HR Analytics solutions & deep learning models based on multi-disciplinary research. Main products are employee well-being product, Team performance improvement product and artificial intelligence solutions for the financial sector.$25,000$1,000,000VIC
70036 EEstablished online health services company operating in Australia with licensing overseas. High functioning software-as-a-service product vastly improves mental health assessment and management. Study verifying efficacy of the product underway by Harvard Medical School and four other universities. Product received local award for innovation. Funds needed for global growth phase.$500,000$1,500,000VIC
70035 EI have several projects in early R&D stage. Looking for long term business relationship to develop my portfolio of products. Virtual shopping mall application to another commercial level, a graffiti solution, a product targeting the fastest growth market for the travel industry, a sporting concept primed for the largest sporting events globally.$200,000$0NSW
70030 New Alien Feature film from experienced team. Actors confirmed, sales agent, Cinema release worldwide. Double money back plus profit share forever.$50,000$1,000,000QLD
70027 This Music Management company exists because we feel as a corporate company we will be able to give structure behind emerging artists in helping them to get the next level in the music industry which is hitting the mainstream airwaves throughout the world.$100,000$500,000VIC
69998 Very unique online platform for buying and selling any product/service using a computer or mobile phone. I am looking for a co-founder who will also invest. I am very entrepreneurial, started my first business at 16.$75,000$200,000NSW
69965 EMobile app and web development business for native application development for iOS and Android and complete system design, build and maintenance. We build your app idea for you.$0$0NSW
69961 Specialist hardware with app. system to be sold through existing marketing channels to create a win/win. Every home will have at least one$50,000$250,000QLD
69945 EAn established company setting the global standards for residential and commercial building management services. Our online management system provides a number of tools for building and facility managers to effectively and efficiently manage properties on PC's and mobile devices.$800,000$5,000,000NSW
69941 We are an established (6 years) hardware solution provider for IT enthusiasts. Our products are specialized in the "high end" custom built and configurable.$590,000$10,000,000QLD
69886 Set to change the way Property owners and real estate agents come together. With a simple and appealing website, enables a bid and response solution to narrow down the agent selection process. The technology behind the model has been developed with the ability to be tailored to any service industry. $25,000$225,000ACT
69820 Vocational training brokerage system (B2B)improving the ability of business to identify and select training delivered by RTO based on industry specific need and compliance. B2C search based on the current skills and qualification of individuals B2G with data resulting from training and employment transactions and G2B accessing support programs.$0$4,000,000NT
69810 EOur AI platform represents an exciting breakthrough in natural language AI (artificial intelligence) products that can be trained to properly understand free-form text and speech. We want to take our story to Australian VCs and Silicon Valley.$50,000$1,000,000VIC
69799 EAdvanced imaging technology to take the personal shopping experience to the next level. This technology digitally represents the actual wearable image how it would look on the user. This technology will benefit all shoppers and stores alike. We are looking for investor(s) with global reach to start the concept worldwide.$1,000,000$5,000,000WA
69778 EWith dynamic changes in the telecommunications industry, we seek to take advantage of these opportunities by utilising a number of unique strategies in order to generate exceptional returns for investors. These strategies include Direct Carrier Billing and In-App Billing. In doing so, we aim to multiply investment capital several times annually.$10,000$5,000,000NSW
69602 EA new cloud software platform in the mining industry to provide affordability & accessibility to mining software users, commercial & business advantages for developers, and both short and long term profitability for investors.$450,000$1,000,000WA
69715 ENewly invented online B2B collaborative purchasing system to level the playing field between big and small. SMEs such as brick and click retailers, trades contractors and local factories can now buy their inventory stocks direct from manufacturers for the same price the huge chain stores and other corporate giants pay.$30,000$500,000QLD
69689 Film production company specialising in the early development, packaging and commercialisation of high quality international films; is seeking seed capital to develop an A-list Hollywood film. We have a clear business strategy with the knowledge, expertise and contacts to execute it.$50,000$300,000NSW
69584 Smart online database service that is in demand now for the tech savy and will become a necessary service for the general population in the future, especially when the NBN is in place.$10,000$30,000QLD
68977 E'We are enabling the Software as a Service (SaaS) revolution, via our advanced SaaS service delivery platform. We are creating a marketplace to connect SaaS developers with SaaS consumers, where consumers can subscribe to SaaS services online, then have them provisioned in real time. Our marketplace also features social networking to build focused developer & business communities.$250,000$5,000,000ACT
68849 We are an established production company with a solid track record. A new financing environment means that we can offer guaranteed returns to investors plus additional revenues from fees and ongoing royalties. We are seeking investment funds and creative advice on investment models and business growth strategies.$500,000$2,000,000NSW
68722 Software for complex, knowledge-intensive applications in health, commerce, law, defence, requiring automatic reading and implementation of complex text. Impending trial rollout of Concept with large US health Insurer. Initial market is several billion dollars to just ten companies turning over 300 billion and spending 60 billion on overheads.$500,000$3,000,000NSW
68332 Internet Marketing and Business Management Guru wanted to help launch our first Multiplatform Mobile Gaming App with Huge Movie and Product Merchandising possibilities and Studio.$90,000$230,000VIC