Financing the Future

  • Equity funding is the business finance of the future, debt funding is part of the old economy (a combination of both can work well).
  • The skills and networks of the investor are AS important as the funds.
  • Small businesses in the third millennium must be smart, must have the agility to cover many bases and be open-minded to compete in a global economy.

Investors should note that some businesses may wish to know your identity before they agree to be contacted by you. Our systems can deal with commercially sensitive issues.

Investors are required for these projects

   = Environmentally sustainable


Member IDNotesMin InvestMax InvestLocation
70456 EUsing new, patented forms of artificial intelligence, this medical software start-up is building solutions to help people suffering from the severest form of a globally common, increasingly prevalent lifelong disease. Achieved international recognition in 2018. Seeking angel investors as part of larger international Series A round, for 2019 clinical trial.$50,000$5,000,000QLD
70412 We are a well acknowledged ethically based organisation in a sought after industry. Our industry reaching $24.5 b of gross GDP. We seek a strategic investor to assist with this next significant phase of growth. $1,000,000$3,000,000QLD
70410 ESpecialised care facility: accommodation and therapies. First of its kind developed by two experienced people. $1,000,000$2,000,000VIC
70359 EDeveloping proven synthetic growth factors to treat unmet medical needs. This technology addresses four pressing clinical conditions. The treatments will create a billion dollar market.$400,000$600,000QLD
70342 Global opportunity for a groundbreaking weight loss treatment bound for international success. Developed by a PhD medical researcher in conjunction with a solid team of industry business professionals and clinicians. Initial trial proved successful. TGA approval has begun. Your chance for an early investment.
70341 International patented technology opportunity in the health care arena with trending diseases. All results are currently exceeding expectations. The technology has entered the clinical trial phase. The launch of this product will have an unprecedented impact on the Australian and global health care system. Return on investment will be substantial.$250,000$1,000,000QLD
70331 Medical innovation addressing medication labeling issues for all health care practitioners. $500,000$750,000TAS
70316 EProvide youth the opportunity to truly maximise their potential and grow by leveraging all the knowledge and resources the community has to offer.$60,000$100,000SA
70309 EAn Education Technology company that makes learning more fun and immersive for students in Asia (starting with China) by using gamification, game based learning and online tutoring. Received interest from a major distributor in China (Top 25 companies) and now requires capital to deliver.$30,000$450,000VIC
70282 EWe developed a unique new health product and brand, which received massive media attention nationally and world wide. The product is launched into the health and tourist industries. Very large margin business. Assistance with Asian markets would be an advantage.$500,000$750,000NSW
70273 We are producing an inspirational tool that will create a cycle of hope for those who have health challenges. This will change the way we look at hospitals and the care they give. We have the support of super stars for this exciting project. Please join us. $200,000$1,000,000QLD
70252 EAustralian based medical device technology company that has developed and now marketing an industry disruptive monitor. The company is now selling into Europe and Australia post CE Mark approval. The global market in this industry sector anticipated to reach $1.63 Billion in 2017. Company is structured for IPO. $50,000$2,000,000WA
70243 Seeking Investor to join as a partner to be part of an expansion plan within the health services industry. Together with the current services we provide, our plan is to expand into another area which has shown great potential and we are looking for an investor partner to journey with us for the long term.$200,000$300,000NSW
70241 EInnovation in waste collection that will solve a current costly problem. $2,000,000$2,000,000NSW
70179 EMentoring people with life challenges to become self sufficient. We are developing short courses that can be run in other areas.$10,000$90,000QLD
70134 EA unique solution in the health sector to successfully unlock patient access to bottlenecked health services. The platform is a ubiquitous technology, compliant with privacy and health informatics standards. We address a ready market of Healthcare Providers who need a secure, electronic, national system providing access to new revenue streams.$100,000$500,000VIC
70128 This product provides allied health services to people in the comfort of their homes. This service model addresses an identified gap in allied health service provision by bringing health into the home and targeting those who may not necessarily meet the criteria for government funded allied health services.$0$0VIC
70126 EWe provide adult students with tutoring. The website is built, funds required for strategy and marketing. Investor with sales and marketing skills would be helpful. $60,000$250,000QLD
70118 EBreakthrough technology revolutionising detection, diagnosis and treatment of mental illness and other brain dysfunction. Quick, low cost diagnosis of central nervous system disorders. Can be used to significantly reduce cost of developing drugs. Seeking investors with interest in central nervous system disorders, ASX listing, biotechnology or pharmaceutical background. Global potential.$20,000$3,000,000VIC
70059 ENational self-worth movement to educate, equip and empower young women to love, nurture and express themselves. Seeking mentor to develop business model.$25,000$50,000NSW
70039 EInvestment sought by Not For Profit organisation focusing on commercially sustainable business ventures. The current project is to build units to house those who cannot afford to rent.$3,100,000$3,100,000QLD
69858 EThe Natural Therapies Industry is a 4 Billion dollar industry annually in Australia alone. We have created a web App platform that automates sales and marketing processes for a not tech savvy industry. Incredibly comprehensive game changer built by a therapist for therapists and its customers. Global potential. $50,000$500,000QLD
69987 Children's Preventative health and wellness organisation. Multi facet company targeting obesity and lifestyle. Developing healthy snack food and beverage products, educational games, clothing, and exercise apparel, sporting goods, DVD's and books.$100,000$250,000NSW
69983 EThe harvesting and propagation of selected Aboriginal traditional bush medicine plants with the potential for life changing health benefits the company provides training and employment for Aboriginal/Non Aboriginal people in regional and remote areas and incorporates carbon capture and sustainable land regeneration though planting programs.$100,000$1,000,000QLD
69926 EProvider of specialised equipment to the national science and health market. Exclusive access to unique European products and systems which have been embraced by stakeholders in diverse new projects. Consultants and end users of this European technology are driving steep growth particularly in NSW$500,000$2,000,000NSW
69918 EBusiness providing quality products from natural sustainable sources to bring relief for a wide range of skin problems.$100,000$200,000VIC
69908 ESignificant investment upside ahead of the first international licensing deal for a Public unlisted company with a safe and effective product for osteoarthritis which affects up to 40% of the world's population. Licensing discussions with international companies underway, funds will support commercialisation activities.$250,000$5,000,000QLD
69905 Experienced Australian Company taking Ethically approved and Clinically proven Diet Program to Asia to combat Obesity related Diseases to Upper Socio Economic Classes from China to India. Doctors and Dieticians are now Prescribing. Expecting to partner with Multi National Pharmaceutical Company. Significant multiple potential.$20,000$250,000VIC
69876 Established business with new therapeutic medical device to hasten the rate of wound healing; suitable for hospital and community care patients; supported by strong clinical evidence; have artg listing; at final product development stage, then ready for commercialisation.$400,000$800,000VIC
69866 EA business model developed to work in partnership with the Health & government sectors to provide access to grow awareness of Chronic Disease Prevention. We are creating a viable "social franchise enterprise" model and brand for the community and targeting non-profit heath organisations and governments as partners.$350,000$600,000QLD
69863 EHerbal remedy for Migraines and Severe Headaches. Testimonials from trial recipients describe it has "Miracle cure". Trials have shown staggering results with a success rate of 99%. All natural ingredients on TGA's approved list and we have begun discussions with a consultant for TGA Listing.$350,000$500,000VIC
69786 EThe product is a eco resort which will provide financial sustainability for a wildlife sanctuary for tigers, elephants, bears and gibbons to live in the wild in perpetuity. We have secured the land (22,000 hectares) and the government (Cambodian) approval. We have the plans and experience but need help with resources and business oversight. You could play a direct role in ensuring the survival of these species in the wild.$10,000$200,000WA
69750 ELife Skills program developed by an educator who is passionate about addressing the male-female gender divide. Looking for a co-founder with business and marketing expertise.$0$0VIC
69749 EEvolutionary application of existing technology with global world leader (potential distribution partner) confirming a billion-dollar global opportunity with IP protected. Off the shelf consumer device optimises shock absorption. Seeking investor with vision to encapture large-scale global opportunity and contribute to world's first truly socially responsible company.$100,000$2,000,000VIC
69742 Training company with eleven years experience leading the industry with a proven approach to results. With our outstanding reputation, we will double revenues in the short term through a new course rollout, with more to follow, and are seeking an investor with growth experience to either assist or remain silent.$250,000$400,000WA
69721 EMy project is a Child Care Centre incorporating an on site Kindergarten catering for eighty eight children. Located in a very good suburb there are five schools in very close proximity. The centre is currently an eighty five square home on two thirds of an acre. Need investor to provide $500.000 architect estimates remodelling will cost. $1,300,000$1,500,000VIC
69650 ENewly established service provides academic support, feedback, and social networking services to post graduate education students, world-wide. Strong demand for niche service from research centres, institutes and University/College departments. Established and operated in Australia.$20,000$300,000QLD
69641 EPharmacy investment opportunity now available! Our unique investment model allows you to reap benefits from your investment with minimum risk. Our board of directors has over 10 years combined pharmacy experience. We are looking for potential investors to share our vision to shape and transform the future of pharmacy industry.$500,000$1,500,000NSW
69582 EOnline health information & specialist services for Australia, Canada, USA & UK (copyright & trademark protected) seeking investment and marketing expertise in order to increase sales to medical, legal & allied professionals. Currently, has extremely high inbound traffic both local and international visitors.
69552 EWe aim to be the world's leading online directory & travel service focused on wellbeing & yoga holidays. Generating income from customers booking through us, which receives travel agency discounts negotiated with individual retreats.$100,000$200,000NSW
69391 A novel technology for detecting workers compensation fraud as well as accurately monitoring rehabilitation of joints such as a knee, hip , elbow, shoulder etc. International Patents currently in place. Potential revenue of over 100M USD within 3 years and over 500M USD within 5 years.$1,000,000$10,000,000NSW
68071 A Dietetic Weightloss and Sports Nutrition group providing specialist advice to the medical profession and general public, capitalizing on the major health problems in Western society, namely :-Obesity, Diabetes Hypertension ( Metabolic Syndrome) Cardiovascular disease and Cancer.$500,000$1,500,000VIC