Financing the Future

  • Equity funding is the business finance of the future, debt funding is part of the old economy (a combination of both can work well).
  • The skills and networks of the investor are AS important as the funds.
  • Small businesses in the third millennium must be smart, must have the agility to cover many bases and be open-minded to compete in a global economy.

Investors should note that some businesses may wish to know your identity before they agree to be contacted by you. Our systems can deal with commercially sensitive issues.

Investors are required for these projects

   = Environmentally sustainable


Member IDNotesMin InvestMax InvestLocation
70518 Long established farming family continuing to expand$1,500,000$5,000,000WA
70508 EWe are a beverage company operating in Sri Lanka & Australia. We are looking for an investor/ business partner to invest in our business, attract new sales and share expert knowledge with us.
70491 EA new for-purpose, ethical cafe franchise group coming up. An ethical, sustainable business model. Fostering talented baristas into their own sustainable cafe, with ongoing smart support, coaching, training, ethical and environmentally conscious sourcing, and a social responsibility position that aims to pay it forward.$500,000$1,500,000NSW
70482 Mining and Civil equipment service provider$750,000$5,000,000WA
70449 EWe have developed a technology suite (Website, App, Program, System) that organises and gathers consumers, retailers, producers, etc. enabling fast supply of the right product. Investor with supply chain experience an advantage.$20,000$2,000,000NSW
70424 EFood production, product in high demand, seeking funds to ramp up supply. Open to loan funds or Angel Investor who understands our market and can assist to scale.$300,000$0NSW
70363 EWe have developed an environmentally sustainable aquaculture project which has the potential to change the face of aquaculture in Australia. After almost 6 year of research and consultation and with all planning approvals granted we are ready to embark on a proof of concept trial and commercialization. $1,510,000$1,800,000SA
70346 EOil and gas operating company, seeking to acquire and develop stranded or non-core assets from major companies, targeting onshore Australia.
70330 EWe are developing a natural product for human use as well as fodder for live stock. We have been approached to supply an export market and need assistance; financial and managerial.$100,000$800,000QLD
70236 We are a young family seeking someone willing to make our dream of owning a beef cattle property a reality. We have the experience and the drive to finally take the big step in making our dreams come true.$2,800,000$3,200,000QLD
70220 EThe opportunity is to take an existing but non-functioning winery, cellar door and restaurant - reinvigorate it and then reduce its ecological footprint thus providing a highly sustainable operation that produces a premium product and experience.$1,000,000$2,500,000NSW
70183 ESuccessful fruit grower has the opportunity to acquire adjoining land and increase production.$750,000$800,000TAS
70172 EWe manufacture an innovative natural health food product. In one year we have sold to over 300 stores nationwide and have a factory to scale-up production. We are seeking an investor to share experience/skills in food manufacturing and to provide working and development capital for new lines, marketing and export.$250,000$1,000,000NSW
70158 EUnique online B2B marketplace & distribution solution for the wine industry, focusing on premium bulk wines. Current European market is highly fragmented and lacks IT-innovation. We bridge the gap between wineries and hospitality industry. Seeking seed capital investors from Australia and NZ with connections to local suppliers.$350,000$350,000OTHER
70089 ESports and health nutrition company with a niche product for the post exercise recovery period. We also have 20 other products with high potential, We plan to export globally.$250,000$2,000,000SA
70025 EWholly owned Australian company operating in Asia since 2008 with a track record for producing quality dairy products. Asian demand requires fast-tracking expansion to cope with growing requirements. Long term agreement in place for 10 fold current production level. Vertically integrated product opportunity with highly profitable and stable business. $400,000$5,000,000OTHER
70015 EThe business based on a patented clean mining technology for the recovery of metals from ore, tailings, slag, mineral wastes. The world market for this technology is huge. At this stage 5 projects have been identified. Each project requires $5-10M of investment and returns 200-300% over the project life.$4,500,000$5,000,000SA
69673 EIndependent Production Company specialising in producing equestrian and animal content. Has an award winning TV series broadcasting nationally and internationally in the USA & NZ. Now expanding into IPTV broadcasting, launching Australia's first ever IPTV channel dedicated to horses.$0$200,000NSW
69901 Large food and beverage company involved in food manufacturing and management of an extensive network of cafes seeking investors interested in buying cafes and instilling an experienced management team to manage the entire operational aspect of the business for them - very attractive returns on investment.$300,000$1,000,000VIC
69836 New French Luxury company to launch in Australia.$250,000$500,000NSW
69770 This enterprise manufactures machinery, principally export, for the production of an environmentally sustainable white meat nutrient. After 4 decades of failed global endeavours to design a viable alternative to manual processing, the export market for this proven and patented world-first triumph has grown to $1 billion with a 10% annual growth rate.

69736 This Australian company holds 2 X gold / copper exploration leases located in PNG. Strong board including reputable Geophysicist. Strong PNG govt. support and local PNG Technical Advisor. Seeking investors to undertake JORC. $500,000$0QLD
68903 EClean Green Renewable: Toxic water or land purification plant, clean, green water purification, no water is too hard to clean from sea water to chemically contaminated water. Acid sulphate soil through to chemically contaminated soil "detoxified", dependent on what chemicals are involved.
Air pollution from smoke stacks cleaned and removed.