Business Angels Groups

Small Groups of Business Angels matched to specific Businesses

Business Angels Groups is a way of joining like-minded investors to co-invest in a business allowing the business to draw on the expertise of multiple investors and industry experts. This is high level collaboration, targeted mentoring, and opening doors through the investors network.

For the business, this means much more than investment dollars, you can be proactive in the selection process of your investment group, you can call on their expertise and networks - all free of charge. This is very smart money for a growing business.

Working with a Business Angels Group means that every person has a vested interest in the success of the venture.

We assisted Design Crowd to find a couple of the Business Angels for their first funding round from a Business Angels Group Design Crowd Investor Team

Matching Makes the Difference

Business Angels matches the members of the group which gives the business venture greater chance of success.

At the same time, Business Angels matches the Business Angels Groups with businesses on our database.

Business Angels recognised the importance of finding the right people for business ventures. The founding principle on which the Business Angel matching service was built is to facilitate strong relationships between people.

How it Works

Getting together with likeminded people is increasingly attractive in our complicated business environment. Having the right team can strengthen your position when seeking further rounds of investment.

Find a Match

How to Register for Business Angels

Click on the Register an Angel Profile here button and choose the Investor option. Registration is free. If you are a Business choose the level of service that suits you.