Are you a Business Angel?

What is a business angel?

The Investor Perspective ....

One of the major reasons potentially good businesses fail is that they are under capitalised. Even a small capital injection can turn a good idea into a successful venture. Not only that, small business people often need advice which isn't always readily accessible.

An angel investor not only provides much needed development capital, they also contribute their business skills and contacts. Most small business owners need assistance in some facets of their business.

Types of Business Angels?

  • For a retired person such a project means continued productivity in the work force which consequently benefits the economy and the country.
  • An early retiree may consider to 'buy themselves a job' with part of their lump sum settlement.
  • Younger Angel Investors are usually those who have sold a business, or leave the corporate world attracted by the freedom of small business.
  • Businesses looking for synergistic growth opportunities.
  • Corporate investors can also utilise our register.

You can also team up with other angel investors to form an investment group which will spread the risk and provide a variety of skills to a growing private firm.

The extent of a Business Angel's involvement in the investment venture is entirely their choice. This will be one of the criterion we will use when choosing who to introduce.

Involvement Options

  • A Business Angel may want a lot of involvement in the business in which they invest, others may prefer to mentor only.
  • Other Business Angels may nominate a business consultant to represent them in the business.
  • Some Business Angels may invest in several companies, others may focus on one long term project, or just invest in one for a short time, or several over a period of years.

A central register like ours can ascertain the criteria for the investment matching that with the business opportunities. You nominate what types of industries or ventures interest you, the level of involvement you require, the business experience and expertise you bring to the deal, complementary resources and networks, and any other factors which can contribute to a successful venture.

Due Diligence

Naturally we could not be responsible for the outcome of the venture, however you can remain on our register and continue to assess opportunities. Your own due diligence is an important part of the process. The entrepreneur can be interviewed by external experts. They will also provide business and character references and checks can he done through the Australian Securities Commission and other bodies who may hold any information about the company concerned.

If the venture is undertaken with careful planning, good preparation and clear agreements it should prove successful for all concerned. The attrition rate of small business will be reduced, the investor's skills and contacts gained over many years will be utilised.

If you have been looking for investment opportunities we will save you a lot of time and effort.

Just a note of thanks for the two excellent matches you made for me. We are in the last stages of negotiation for both the businesses and I am really pleased with the quality of the match.
We have been able to establish areas of common approach as well as identify complementary skills which will strengthen the businesses through a broader base of expertise. The time spent negotiating the deals has also confirmed to me that I am working with the right people and confirmed your judgement in the matches. The deals include some flexible and innovative solutions to meet our differing requirements for money, effort and time, which has been possible through the levels of trust we have quickly established.
Two successes from two referrals! I have recommended you on to several friends and associates as I have found this by far the most effective way to get into a small business.
Thanks and regards,

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