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"I have just finished reading 'Private Capital for Private Companies'. I found it not only informative but highly insightful into the business culture that surrounds angel investors and ambitious entrepreneurs. MB

"I would firstly like to point out that your review of my resume was very close and I am impressed. It looks like each of these (referrals) I could add real value. LD

"I have completed my registration and I have to thank you for the questions; just this process alone is worth the fee - I have a much much better understanding of our business goals, and my personal goals - and where I am headed. SD July 2007

"xxx has been magnificent we are very close to doing a deal, I am just waiting for a letter of offer and then we can move ahead. I cannot thank you enough, it is like an Angel came out of the sky in last moments and breathed life back into us. I am very excited about our future and with xxx by our side we will forge a great future. MO February 2010

"Overall I gotta say I'm really impressed with the quality of the opportunities you handle, I'm very pleasantly surprised. Well done to you!" Nov 2012


Member IDLocationMin InvestMax InvestRequests
70480NSW$100,000$500,000I have been the CEO/owner of a small chain of furniture and homewares for 20 years and am now looking for a new challenge. My 19yo son is very entrepreneurial and will look to join me in a new venture.
70473QLD$50,000$100,000Looking for an opportunity to invest and also to be actively involved and contribute to the success of the enterprise
70465VIC$100,000$500,000Former CTO leading 20+ techs for a $150M+ company for more than 5 years, I'm looking for a company where I can invest and get involved (part or full-time).
Part of the management team and entrepreneur in mind, I can review and help businesses from a strategic point of view. I am also able to assist with project management, recruitment, culture, agile coaching, operations and legal.
I am really interested in businesses with international opportunities.
70460NSW$200,000$1,500,000Seeking to invest and partner in a business that is working on technology that uses plastic waste as a raw material to produce new products.
-I have 12 years experience in running businesses from start up to maturity.
-Hands on experience over 12 years generating new revenue streams and keeping control of expenses
- I have 3 years experience working with a board of Directors in IT and new business

-18 years experience in marketing and communications
70457VIC$50,000$200,000Looking to invest and be actively involved in a software as a service (SaaS) type business. I have extensive experience across all aspects of financial software including product management, implementation and sales and marketing. Ideally looking for a small business looking to grow.
70454QLD$350,000$1,000,000I am looking to invest in a well established and profitable business in the southeast region, preferably Brisbane. My core skills are sales and marketing as well as project management. I would also be prepared to work on growing the business as well.
70453QLD$200,000$1,000,000Looking to partner with someone who has strong industry experience and requires an equity investment to execute their plans. Very interested in the accommodation industry but open to other industries like logistics, education, tourism, finance. In addition to capital, I am looking to bring my management and financial expertise.
70445WA$100,000$5,000,000I seek to invest in and assist businesses seeking significant growth and those requiring assistance to eliminate roadblocks to success.
70441WA$0$250,000Looking to partner / invest with hard working, driven people in the small bar, entertainment industry.
I able to assist with Project Management for developing new venues in Perth. Happy to work with new startups to develop marketing strategies, risk management plans, business plans, CAPEX and OPEX estimates, capital raising, and liquor license applications etc. I Look forward to reading your business proposals.
70438NSW$250,000$1,000,000I am seeking a business with the desire to professionalise and grow. I have over 20 years accounting, tax and business advisory experience on offer
70423NSW$100,000$300,000I have recently sold stake in a workplace training business and am looking to invest funds to enable the launch of a new idea, operated by motivated young entrepreneurs. Am seeking an opportunity that allows me to add value via: my investment and ongoing, non-executive mentoring/strategic guidance involvement. My background - over thirty years - is in highly-scaleable, people related companies (recruitment, training, career and organisational development). Disruptive ideas and/or those that apply tech solutions to big demand areas - but are "practical" and results-focused) are my particular interest.
70422VIC$100,000$500,000I am seeking to invest and partner in a business where I can add value through my investment and experience. I have started two businesses from scratch over a 30 year period and grew them both significantly. As a very 'hands on' director, I involved myself in all aspects of their successful development including production, buying, customer service, estimating, asset management, sales, marketing etc in very tough market conditions (commercial print). Besides this, I believe in working hard, I watching expenses and maximising profits. I'm calm and measured by nature, a lateral thinker and a problem solver.
70420VIC$10,000$100,000I am looking to invest in a small business for equity and guidance. I am an experienced General Management and have worked in Manufacturing & Retail.
70418WA$500,000$3,000,000Through my investment firm I have 25 years experience in growing and developing businesses across most industries. I like SME busnesses with profits from $100k to $1m, looking to benefit through partnering with experience and capital.
70400NSW$250,000$5,000,000I am interested to invest in, and work with, creative people looking to solve common problems and embrace being nimble to maximise the potential.
I have worked for over 25 years in commercial and strategy roles for listed companies (Industrial Manufacturing), (Mining), (Business Services), (Financial Service Provider) .
I have been involved in transforming business units from underperforming/underfunded to high growth high value businesses. I am hands-on, analytical and promote my colleagues to think laterally to solve complex problems.
I have an extensive network of well-regarded peers across the industries that I have worked with / invested in.
70394WA$0$50,000I am looking for a business with opportunity to be scaled which requires extra resources to achieve its full potential (ideally from a consultative equity position as a partner to the business).

I have first hand experience of building small business and charity organisations in addition to being employed by global and national businesses. I have well rounded experience in finance and business including

- Management & training of staff
- Build & implementation of effective processes
- Build & maintain business plan
- Management of website
- Management of taxation requirements
- Financial Control duties (implementation of processes to control cash, asset management, software e.g. ERP, management/board reporting, forecasting)
- company secretarial & governance duties
- Management of all key stakeholders

Decade of experience as a senior finance & governance professional in financial control/decision support roles within mining, resources, construction and support services.

Qualifications CPA/FGIA/MAICD
70386NSW$150,000$200,000Looking for business with great growth potential. I have years of experience in accounting, investment valuation and corporate finance and will be able to help from that perspective.
70358NSW$1,000,000$3,000,000I would like to buy into a well established profitable business that is looking to transfer part or all management and ownership overtime due to impending retirement. I have a finance background.
70356NSW$100,000$600,000Having been successful in the running of a promotional merchandise business for the last 13 years I am now looking for a fresh challenge in a new industry. My experience comes mainly within business management, generating and maintaining business relationships, sales and marketing. My skill set also comprises of a good balance between product sourcing & branding, importing, freight forwarding, and logistics.
I have capital to invest & would be open to being involved in either a full time or part time capacity. I am interested in finding something new that is an existing profitable business rather than a start-up company. And would like to invest and partner in primarily wholesale/import/export/distribution businesses. However, having said that, I am open to anything that is not a retail operation.
70355QLD$50,000$200,000I am interested in investing in a health/beauty business - manufacturing/wholesale/retail. I have a strong background in legal and finance.
70349NSW$50,000$200,000After successfully launching and growing my market research agency, I have now sold 50% of this and moved away from the day to day running of this company into a consulting director role.
I find traditional investing (shares/property) not so fulfilling and have set aside capital to invest in something a bit more interesting - Aussie businesses.
My 15 years of market research experience has given me a real insight into a wide variety of industries, what makes them tick and why the good companies do well whilst the others.....
I am looking for businesses with strong, passionate management who want to take their business to the next level.
I have a very strong sales and marketing background, am a real human and believe I have an insight into what makes people tick.
I am predominantly looking for equity investment opportunities which would include a mentoring role.
70340NSW$100,000$200,000Interested in providing guidance to Consumer Goods businesses around major customer negotiations, as well as marketing strategy and operational matters.
What I can contribute Sales experience negotiating with major Australian and UK retailers. Profit and Loss guidance. Manufacturing and logistics experience, specifically around cost reduction initiatives.
Marketing strategy.
70338VIC$50,000$100,000I am looking for a business with opportunity to be scaled which requires extra resources to achieve its full potential.

Ideally the team I join will be a team with excellent knowledge of the market in which they operate.

I have first hand experience of building and scaling startups (Ecomms). Being the founder of a successful startup business I have a rounded experience of taking a business concept, refining that idea and then scaling. My role here was all encompassing

- Management & training of staff
- Build, implementation, trial and error of processes
- Management of website and build
- Management of marketing budget inc. AB testing of spend. Social media, SEO, Gorilla Marketing
- Financial Control duties (implementation of processes to control cash, software e.g. XERO,periodic reporting)
- Management of all key stakeholders

Prior to start up - 12 years experience as chartered accountant in financial control/decision support roles within banking, retail and practice (audit).
70318$0$200,000We are looking to invest in, or acquire a small labour hire company in the Construction industry on the East Coast. You will probably have a turnover of 500k to 1m.
70317QLD$100,000$500,000I would like to engage with a business which has a strong product or proposition and wishes to scale up. They may be lacking the sales leadership needed to reach their full potential. I have held a number of senior executive roles in the IT industry for more than 20 years.
70293NSW$30,000$70,000I am looking to assist a growing business, I can invest a small amount and I can assist the business from time to time. My passion is in the area of design, in packaging or in branding - hence marketing.
70292WA$500,000$1,000,000Successful travel entrepreneur looking for businesses with synergies. I can invest time, funds, back office, connections - whatever it takes. I would prefer to look at existing business rather than ideas for businesses.
70287OTHER$20,000$200,000I have an investment banking background and I am an intrepid adventurer. Depending on the venture I could contribute either

a) Investor and Cofounder b) Investor and Advisor c) Equity advisor
70278NSW$10,000$5,000,000We provide a new finance solution for businesses with debtor finance or unsecured finance requirements.
70277QLD$0$600,000I am a Corporate Executive with 12 years experience with full P&L responsibilities for Multinational Corporations.

I am now looking to buy into a business as an active member / partner, ideally 5050 equity split.

The ideal partner / synergy relationship is with a business whose owner-manager knows their market well, is well networked, but does not necessarily have the experience, education and knowledge of how to be a truly effective businessman. Effectively, the business growth and / or profitability is being hampered by themselves. Ideally, they need a partner who can take over all the back-room operations and allow them to dedicate 100% of their time and resources to the front end of the business.
70276NSW$100,000$1,000,000Experienced businessman, across many industries, looking for a business that needs to go to the next level. I can contribute guidance in most aspect of the business. I have a particular interest in health and IT.
70272NSW$10,000$1,000,000I have strong experience in business development, sales and marketing, and financial management. I enjoy the how of running a successful business rather than the what. I have several businesses of my own and I want to expand my portfolio.
70254VIC$50,000$500,000My business partner and I have successfully built and sold several technology business both in Australia and internationally. On all occasions we achieved this with no external funding. We have amassed as strong network of customers, sales and technology staff and system integration partners across the globe. We are looking for energetic technology entrepreneurs whom have a validated, disrupted technology offering that they want to take to the global stage and are looking for experience to help them achieve this goal.
70249QLD$10,000$2,000,000We have a track record of being able to take a product/service & scaling it. For example we created a product in one of our businesses and sold 15,000 units in the 1st year, 25,000 units in the 2nd year and now have launched into EU and USA. We can contribute mentoring, access to resources: Locations, Warehousing, Designers, PR, Marketing & Sales,
70219NSW$50,000$250,000I am interested in growing companies requiring expertise (business development opportunity), equity and debt. Also existing businesses requiring restructure/new equity/new debt funding. I have more than 20 years experience in financial markets advising high net worth investors on their investments. In addition, 3 years as a CPA in taxation.
70199VIC$0$5,000,000I am looking to invest in technological companies that for example specialise in cloud integration such as start-ups and early stage technological companies. I am stong in sales and have a global network. I founded my own software company years ago so I know what it is all about.
70198VIC$20,000$250,000I am seeking to work with a business where I can add value through my investment and my experience. Ideally the business has potential to grow significantly and at some stage in its growth I can be a key shareholder and 'employee'. I have significant experience in FMCG , with functional expertise in marketing, sales, general management. This experience has been gained across various categories (dairy, beverages, food, baby food, petcare, personal care) and in different markets (UK, Europe, China, Asia, Australia & NZ)
70193NSW$10,000$50,000Looking to work with persons that require industry expertise in the apparel markets in either sports or wearable technology based products. I have expertise in offshore manufacturing business development and product development.
70184NSW$10,000$200,000I am looking for an established business requiring capital and business expertise to support future growth.
I have deep business experience across a number sectors. Can provide guidance in building sustainable value and in identifying and executing sale and or equity sell-down.
70175NSW$10,000$250,000Over 17 years experience in strategic management consulting, private equity and investments, business turnaround, and general management. Work experience in MENA, Australasia and South America. Experience in evaluating and structuring investment and business development opportunities, including detailed operational plans, financial modeling and growth strategies. Healthcare, F&B, Aviation, Real Estate, Manufacturing, FMCG industry experience
Executed large scale business transformation projects and in-depth business process re-engineering projects
Devised and implemented post investment strategies, including turnaround plans and mergers.
Served on the board of directors of acquired companies and investment committees
70147NSW$0$500,000Experienced finance professional who has worked in both a corporate and advisory capacity, advising/consulting in the areas of financial markets, market assessment, strategy and business analysis.
Seeking to invest in an established business, requiring expansion capital/expertise in a growth industry.
70145WA$500,000$2,000,000Seeking to invest in established and/or growing businesses with a long-term focus, serve as a partner with management, or simply help in turnaround management. I have strong business acumen, management and financial skills, with an interest in many sectors. I aim to build strong, lasting relationships with owners and managers and build a trust relationship by responding to the business needs and communicating effectively and openly at all times.
70116SA$10,000$100,000Looking for Businesses that need some additional funding, Business knowhow, strategies, motivation and accountability. I have experience owning and operating several Businesses and have skills in all areas of Business growth and management.
I am a knowledgeable Business Owner, facilitator and coach with specific strengths in Strategic planning, finance, cash flow, leadership, systems, training, team, customer service, marketing and sales.
Looking for Businesses that have drive and potential, but need some assistance. Can contribute money and/or time/skills on a part time basis.
70115WA$500,000$5,000,000Looking for a growth business that requires capital and resources to continue to grow. We can offer resources backed by a successful business that has been down this path before.
70107OTHER$30,000$250,000Seeking to invest in established and/or growing businesses with a long-term focus, serve as a partner with management, or simply help in turnaround management. I have strong management and financial skills, and I am interested in the manufacturing sector. I aim to create strong, lasting relationships with owners and managers and build a trust relationship by responding to the business needs and communicating openly. I do speak English, French and Arabic fluently if this helps too.
70055VIC$1,000,000$50,000,000Looking for developers requiring funds / or additional funds for projects - ongoing if I find the right people. Preference for small to medium sized projects on townhouses or apartments. First mortgage security required. Will also consider other opportunities that match my business background in retail appliances, furniture & food, manufacturing food & recreational vehicles.
70042NSW$10,000$250,000Companies who need a quick cash injection for growth. I am able to provide unsecured finance for any healthy business operating for more than a year.
70032NSW$10,000$300,000Entrepreneurial company director looking for additional business opportunities and to assist budding entrepreneurs and business owners with my vast experience and nearly 20 years of self employment. I have over 10 years in the construction industry namely in the facade and glazing sector and a particular passion for the hospitality industry having a vast network in this area.
I can offer;
general management experience
Project management
Manufacturing advice
Industry contacts and networks
Sales and marketing assistance
Strategic planning
Financial assistance and injection
Importing products from China
Looking to invest in businesses/companies with potential that require guidance and funds to get to the next level
70026NSW$10,000$50,000I am a director of business, looking to partner with others as a consultant/investor.
Looking for best practise in financial modelling for easy to understand key risks after breaking down complex and unusual business problems.
I want to help projects with clear business plans, or to challenge and test existing plans and projections.
I would like to be able assist business to determine, What is my business worth . How, and how much, should I charge for my product How much cash does my business/project need to raise
70014NSW$50,000$500,000My background is financial management, IT, and have strong experience in successful outsourcing. I have extensive contacts around Asia and I am able to provide world class and best practice guidance in financial management and governance structure. I am looking to invest in businesses which make a difference. I am very interested in Aussie businesses operating in VietNam needing fund/expertise for expansion.
69984NSW$0$50,000I've worn different hats in my career export sales, logistics, COO, CFO, business owner and been through M&As. As a result I became a multi linguist of business. I speak fluent Italian and English I am good with difficult clients, accountants, IT geeks, suppliers and private equity.
I am looking for starting/growing export orientated niche business. I can contribute to business improvements from Bottom to Top. Looking to work with passionate owners and become part of the team.
69979QLD$0$1,000,000We am looking for sustainable technologies with a focus on lifecycle and business integrity. My express purpose is to be able to integrate your concepts and products into a system which is already connected to commercial outcomes. We are particularly interested in energy storage.
69971NSW$50,000$100,000Since 1985 I have prepared business plans and financial models for 100-odd good Aussie entrepreneurs. I had 20 years prior practical experience in production, QA, sales, marketing, finance and administration.
I have worked for governments, investment managers and insolvency firms and have written a book about business planning and financial modelling. I am willing to invest in a good project.
69954VIC$10,000$200,000I would like to be involved in a new business, either hasn't started trading or in the first year. I can help with start up having started 5 business's from scratch in the past 15 years. I would consider any industry that interests me. I am particularly interested in all facets of health.
69944NSW$10,000$50,000I have an extensive experience of plastic product development. I can contribute for Formulation development, Production process and Market development. I also have a good experience of managing Production floors, start-up projects.
69920WA$20,000$100,000I'm a strategic planner who can address any ongoing issues or problems in a company with the aim of improving the company performance through tactical and strategic steps. My personal satisfaction is not measured in monetary terms but in how much and how fast improvement I can bring to the organisation. My ideal investment is in local Australian companies with innovative products/services that have interstate and international market potential regardless of size."
69899VIC$10,000$100,000I am seeking opportunities to provide needed funds and expertise to get businesses through the tough times and back on course for growth and profits. I am willing to package an appropriate mix of funds and consultation to complement the capacity and capability of the current business owners.
69897QLD$10,000$100,000I currently work in the Electrical Engineering / IT Industry with more than 10 years of experience in this field, I am also a part time property investor which is something I have being doing for over 12 years. I am willing to help and support new and existing reliable business; depending of the type of business I am willing to be a hands on or silent partner.
69885VIC$100,000$500,000Our company has access to private funds and is looking to invest in established businesses that are sustainable and looking to grow. Our involvement can include pure investment and/or HR Management/Recruitment as well as overseas networking for Australian Business. We are interested in assisting Australian entrepreneurs with an open mind and willing to explore new ideas. We are interested Finance and accounting, Education or IT solutions or sales
69873NSW$50,000$100,000A widely experienced and highly successful Financial Manager with particular strengths in developing and implementing strategy, building and sustaining internal and external relationships, negotiating favourable commercial outcomes and providing financial leadership.
Industry background includes over two decades in the hard dollar' construction sector and exposure to the infrastructure sector from both the government and the management consultancy perspective.
Operates well in high challenge environments where creating and managing vision is critical to success.
69872NSW$20,000$50,000Investor with broad Management Team level FMCG experience both in Australia and Asia looking for small but ambitous venture needing help to grow/shape a great business. Background in Agriculture and strong risk management skills. Located in the Albury region.
69856ACT$10,000$100,000I am looking to assist Australian IT business of small to medium size grow their business and look for a successful exit further down the track. I am a creative, commercial and hard working executive, looking to develop an Australian company into a global player. I have a strong IT background with specialised knowledge in IT Law.
69831NSW$0$300,000Looking to get involved in an enterprise that could grow well with more capital and input from an advisory board. I have a background in insurance, financial services and import and distribution of FMCG.
69825VIC$50,000$5,000,000Investor with a strong professional background and international contacts in import distribution looking at applying funds and expertise to help grow businesses. I am an experienced investor with strategic vision.
69790VIC$100,000$500,000Experienced investor and business owner. I can contribute to: Streamlining administration and accounting functions
Productisation of sales offerings and development of sales and marketing strategies
Human resource procurement and rationlisation
Grooming company for further capital raisings
Development of exit strategies.
69781NSW$1,000,000$30,000,000Our purpose is to invest in quality companies, which are in need of investment capital between AUD 1.0m 30.0m. We can provide finance linked with expert management using proven best business practices, we have previous board experience. Looking for scaleable business models, growth and niche markets.
69762VIC$0$100,000Business Development Manager for global company looking for investment opportunities in food manufacturing. Has vast experience import export and may look at other industries.
69735VIC$100,000$1,000,000Investor with a strong professional background and extensive international experience in all facets of the aviation industry looking to apply funds and expertise to help grow businesses connected to the industry. Our preference is for businesses that have a focus on services rather than manufacturing.
69727WA$100,000$200,000I have experience across many industries. I pioneered the monetisation of search engines per-google. My strength is in sales and marketing. My preference is for an established company which I can guide in strategy and ideas but not daily running or administration.
69710VIC$100,000$700,00020 years of business experiences, plenty of ups and downs have left me with a strong sense of understanding value. Looking for opportunities with like minded business value builders with skill sets to complement each others output for success.
69677NSW$0$200,000I have an unusually extensive general business experience being a Fellow of the Institute of Directors plus a Computing Science PhD and investment funds. I would like to contribute both my skills and funds, if required. My strengths are organisational, analytical, problem solving. I am interested in a wide range of business areas.
69579WA$500,000$1,000,000I am looking for established businesses in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney involved in Software Development, Cloud Computing apps or Digital Marketing, with strong IP who need cash and mentoring to successfully grow. I have skills across the board and have successfully grown several businesses.
69576WA$50,000$2,000,000Looking for either early stage or established businesses that would like to significantly expand in Aust and overseas. Experience lies in creating multiple growth in Asia, Aust, Europe - capital raised from global entities in excess of $50 million for early stage. Strong strategy and management skills.
69575VIC$1,000,000$5,000,000Looking for opportunities in vertically integrated businesses in aged care, health care, property development, biotech/genetics, areas to maximise efficiencies, utilising global management consulting experiences. Am an entrepreneur myself so I know what it is like and what is involved. I also have access to various types of funding, both private domestic and Asian foreign funds management. I am a strategic thinker, able to see the long range /macro view.
69572NSW$30,000$200,000CPA with over 30 years experience across several industries including niche food manufacturing and distribution, exporting, cosmetics, direct sales, construction, retail and food. Well connected to raise funds. A strategic thinker with a practical management approach and a can-do attitude. Now ready to devote some time to new challenges and to take advantage of all the experience to help grow other businesses. Looking to invest in business opportunities with passionate people where he can use the experience to provide business direction and advice.
69546QLD$30,000$100,000Looking to invest and offer expertise into a business with good growth potential. I have a proven business track record having built a company from scratch to a A$30 millon business in 10 years. My background is in importing but will look at a broad range of opportunities, except retail. I believe with with the right people great things can be achieved. Brisbane or Sunshine Coast preferred but will look further afield depending on the business.
69522NSW$10,000$90,000If your business relies on your intellectual property for its commercial edge, you will need to protect it expertly to extract maximum value. I have 20 years' experience in the area and am looking to work with 1-2 businesses a year to grow the value of the business and drive revenue.
69401VIC$50,000$300,000I am looking to invest time and finance into a business with excellent, short to medium term growth prospects. Industry sectors like recreation, retailing, wholesaling, personal services, distribution are of particular interest. I have a general business background that has come through building and running small businesses. I have particular skills in managing key client relationships, human resources and project implementation. Small business is my passion. Oh, and I love horses.
69393VIC$0$3,000,000Our company has provided financial support and guidance to a number of businesses that have either been in a rapid growth phase or requiring assistance in actioning a turnaround. We have substantial capital resources together with extensive experience in national brand marketing, manufacturing, and import and distribution businesses, both large and small. Our company is well placed to support your business plans and ambitions through a combination of equity investment, loan facilities and guidance. We have a proven track record of success in building businesses.
Our investment model is to work closely with management at Board level, enabling a close relationship and understanding of both our partners aspirations and the immediate needs of the business. What we have to offer is more than money - there is no substitute for wise counsel from experienced business operators, to accelerate growth.
Whilst our preference is for branded opportunities in importing and distribution, other business plans and opportunities will be considered, including investment in manufacturing businesses.

69390NSW$100,000$200,000With a background in marketing and communication I have the ability to develop practical, commercially sound brand and business strategies. I recently established, developed and sold a successful start up. I'm looking for an equity involvement and active partnership in a young business with good growth prospects.
69348WA$10,000$350,000I am looking for an established business that has major growth potential or is very sound and can show an excellent return on investment. My background is Mining
, Mineral Processing and Retail Property but happy to look in other areas. Hands on or silent. If hands on I am a good manager and team builder.
69313NSW$20,000$150,000I am looking to invest in and mentor highly motivated entrepreneurs who have an online business model that has global reach. I have 20 years of business building experience across a number of businesses. Apart from my financial investment, I can provide strategic input across the entire business and have strengths in technology, general management and marketing.
69291NSW$200,000$2,000,000First the people must be right, then the business model. I am looking to financially back and personally mentor very highly motivated entrepreneurs who have the vision and work ethic to build a world class business but lack the capital and experience to do so alone. With 25 years experience advising rapid growth businesses I am looking for opportunites to "add value" as an involved non-executive director with special strength in strategic, legal and financial areas.
69234SA$50,000$1,000,000I have an automotive and property background. Now looking for a business with a good idea or product that I can help to grow. Prefer SA based but will consider interstate company seeking entry into the SA market.
69218NSW$100,000$1,000,000I am a CEO with thirty years experience in business services, transport, tourism, retail and franchising having led substantial businesses with sales turnovers of over $1 Billion as well as large franchise networks. I am MBA qualified. I am looking for an active investment in a Sydney based business that will benefit from my skills in either a full time executive of part time consulting or Board capacity. I am seeking a service business with potential for scaling up but will consider all good ideas.
69215VIC$0$50,000Senior Executive with the proven ability to take a small start-up company and turn it into a profitable concern. Very experienced in creating and developing products that are still currently being marketed worldwide and used by some of the largest companies in the world. My skills include financial strategies, finding partners and distributors, determining the Unique Selling Proposition, identifying niche markets, and developing submissions for government grants. In my early career I held national Chief Engineer positions for major companies. Expertise in robotics. I also have a strong interest in aviation and have a pilot's licence.
69204VIC$0$50,000Founder and Director of three successful software companies as well as a company in the entertainment industry. I am also a shareholder and director of six other companies where I assist in a board role. A Chartered Accountant by training. I co -founded a company that developed financial analysis software which was successfully sold to banks worldwide. I specialise in assisting in the commercialisation phase of companies. I am also a mentor for the Victorian Government Small Business mentoring Service where I have mentored over 100 people.
69198NSW$0$400,000Successful media company looking to invest funds or infrastructure into other publishing companies. We specialise in magazines, directories and e-publications. We have a highly experienced team of designers and writers. We are very good at sales and we have a strong network of blue chip clients.
69190SA$0$200,000Entrepreneurial strategic thinker with Masters in Business Administration. Specialist in media/ advertising/ tourism related industry with significant industry contacts and expertise.
69173NSW$0$150,000My focus is on the back end of the ship. I excel at running a tight ship and continually find ways to improve the bottom line. I am looking for a business that requires a part time finance manager/CFO. I have a thorough knowledge of Australian Tax Law. Preferred location: Northern Beaches of Sydney and Sydney CBD
69149UK$50,000$20,000,000International online publishing group looking to invest in a national business re-using private and public sector maps and information in products to help manage risk in decision making in environmental, legal, financial, and property markets.
69117NSW$50,000$500,000Internet Executive. Experience at large new media companies - managed portals that attracted over 20 million UVs per month and web businesses that were their global category leader. As well as startups, including CMO for the hottest US web 2.0 job site. I am also interested in green energy opportunities. Desire to invest and take active management in innovative and growing consumer web business.
68911VIC$0$1,000,000I have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for early stage or growth phase business. I have been involved with various business types and have worked at the shop floor level through to the boardroom. I believe this allows me to be able to add value to any investment I make. What is important to me is to invest in a business with a good product or service, backed by enthusiastic people and supported by sound market research. I have a proven track record and like to select my investments carefully. I commit myself fully to the enterprise and have a philosophy of doing it right.
68843VIC$2,000,000$10,000,000Passive investor who has strong management/business skills (MD of company for 8 years with $500 m turnover and 600 staff), significant capital base and solid network/contacts which may assist the business growth. I am looking for businesses that have experienced success and are looking at capital to grow the current business.
68771QLD$500,000$2,000,000Investment company that has a particular interest in buying 80% - 100% of a company with strong cash flow. Would suit founder / owner who wants to retire. Happy to consider continued involvement of exiting CEO/ MD. Will put in CFO and assist with strategic development. Will look at a variety of industries excluding retail.
68690NSW$10,000$500,000Senior Retail Executive, having lead large retail turnarounds in Australia and overseas. Lead the expansion of some of the best known retail brands globally, combined with a healthy dose of hands on experience as a retail entrepreneur.
Looking for Retail Businesses where I can assist with Business Strategy, Market Positioning, Retail Operating Plan and the Roll out of a solid Retail Concept Nationally or Globally.
68649NSW$50,000$400,000I have built and developed several successful businesses, covering agriculture, manufacturing, publishing, software and hospitality. Finance and management are my strengths, and I have a good understanding of many technical applications and am interested in Internet commerce.
68519NSW$500,000$2,000,000Investor currently running my own business and looking to invest in a business. I am involved in the Aviation industry and am looking to invest in a low risk long term relationship, where both parties can gain from each others mutual inputs and strengths. I can provided capital and personal business experience and am looking to add value to an existing business.
68422NSW$200,000$500,000My contribution is strong marketing, negotiation and brand building skills. Ability to think creatively. Experience in Film and TV marketing, mobile phone aps among other things.
68319NSW$200,000$500,000Investor owning minority holdings in 6 Hightech firms (Telecoms, Computer, software, Internet, Voice over IP, hardware, insurance, services) seeks investment young companies with growth potential in related markets. Lawyer with Doctorate in Business Admin. I have assisted app 20 companies in the past to grow turnover by about 10 times. My technology companies ( several are internet based and service related) have strong salesforces in AUS,NZ, UK, and other countries which could be of benefit to a company looking to expand overseas.
68240VIC$200,000$500,000Seeking to partner with people/organisation that make a difference. Ideally they have an innovative product or service that has potential for growth both locally and overseas. I am an energetic professional wanting to make a success of opportunities that present themselves. With a proven track record I can contribute in the areas of sales, finance, and management having had experience in IT, manufacturing, and R&D/science organisations.
68100VIC$0$500,000I am interested in importer or distributor of telecoms /electronics / IT equipment (or software). I have just sold my company in this sector. I would be able to advise and consult based on my 35 years in the industry, both with major corporations and as a self-employed operator. I am looking for some personal involvement but not full time.
66616VIC$100,000$800,000Looking for a Joint Venture with an online store preferrably in the homewares sector. We import and distribute consumer goods, kitchenware and some manchester. We also have one retail outlet. I have good commercial and sales skills.
54434VIC$100,000$200,000We are seeking to merge with and/or invest in an existing Giftware import business of similar or synergistic products. We offer a dynamic team and many years of experience.