Service Agreement

This is how our service works...

Our service meets the needs of a changing society. The mechanics of the service has evolved over many years during which we have worked with thousands of people.

Business Angels is a central register where people can find others to join them as business partners.

Our role is to:

  • Keep accurate and confidential records
  • Maintain the database of requests,
  • Through the office database to carefully consider who should meet each other given all the requests and instructions from both parties
  • Process updates which each member agrees to submit,
  • Continue working with files to investigate possible matches until a person withdraws either because they have found the person they want or have decided to stop their search.

We cannot FIND (in the strict sense of the word) another person who matches your criteria. We can only work with those who register with us. Our task is to manage this central database and match the listings as they become available.

We cannot estimate the likely degree of success or the time it would take to find the right match. Our years of experience have shown that each situation is unique.

We can only suggest that people meet each other. We cannot make them meet each other and we cannot make them like each other. We do not claim to be able to refer certain numbers of contacts to each other; we would compromise our standards by doing so. We also cannot be responsible for the choices people make.

We have "checks and balances" in the system by asking people to give us feedback. The effectiveness of the database is enhanced when we know why people do not want to meet each other or why people do not wish to proceed to the next stage.

Success in matching is dependent on the persons involved and the appropriate listings available at any given moment.

We work with files continually until matches occur and we cannot estimate the time this may take. Our database changes constantly. For some it is hours, for some it is months and for others longer periods of time are necessary. If our members ask us to stop working with their file before we have presented them with the right match their fees are held in credit. Files can be reopened and updated so that matching can resume. There can be no refund of fees paid. By completing the registration form and paying your fee you are bound to this agreement and the confidentiality and fee agreement.

Please note: we do not contact you to give you an update if no-one is referred to you. We encourage you to contact us for an update from time to time.

Thank you - we wish you every success in your search.