Confidentiality and Registration Agreement

By completing our forms and paying the fee you agree to the following

I understand that Business Angels Pty Ltd undertakes to keep the information submitted on my registration form confidential and secure. Business Angels undertakes to diligently match my file with the other files on their database.

All the information on my registration form is true and correct. I have not withheld any information which could adversely affect the integrity of Business Angels Pty Ltd and its staff.

I agree not to pass referrals on to non-members without advising Business Angels Pty Ltd. I understand that all the terms and conditions apply to these referrals.

I undertake to keep confidential any information given to me about members registered with Business Angels. I understand that members may require me to sign additional non disclosure documents.

I understand that referrals are made only if listings match, that there is no guarantee of a successful outcome. I also understand that after referral all negotiations are between the investor and the business; Business Angels Pty Ltd has no responsibility beyond referring people to each other except to process and monitor feedback as agreed.

I agree to supply feedback about meeting with other members. [This information enables us to monitor your progress and continue matching your file.] I also agree to notify Business Angels Pty Ltd should any of my details change.

I know that joining fees are not refundable. Unused fees are held in credit for future use. By entering your credit card details into our form you are giving us permission to process the charge.

Further, I understand that there is a match fee amounting to 3% of the funds raised through referrals made by Business Angels Pty Ltd. I agree to pay this fee within seven days of receiving the funds from the investor or other avenue. An account will be sent jointly to the business owner and the investor at the business's address.

Please read this in conjunction with the service agreement.