About Business Angels

Global introduction service for private companies and start-ups and private angel investors

  • Are you looking for a particular type of investment? Place your profile under angels available so that businesses can see what you have to offer. We will personally match your requests and email an overview of screened business opportunities to you.

  • Are you looking for an angel investor? Register with us to place your advertisement in businesses available under the industry category and to entered onto our database for personal matching. We will email your expanded profile to the angel investors when your business proposition matches the angel's requests.
  • Are you looking for other entrepreneurs or a co-founder? Our new CrowdEntrepreneur matching service can assist you.
  • Perhaps you need a consultant who has your interests and not their pocket at heart. Let us recommend one. If you are a consultant who would like to join our list please call to discuss.
  • Are you looking for a mentor? Many of our members are very willing mentors, keen to share the wisdom they have gained in their own business ventures.

Background to the term 'Business Angel'

Why the term 'business angel'? It was used in the theatre when financial backers invested in a theatrical production and contributed their skills and networks to enhance the success of the show. The same term was used centuries ago by traders searching the world for merchants.

Business Angels then began investing in a wide range of commercial ventures. They are often retired and invest their business skills and capital into new and developing enterprises.

  • Younger entrepreneurs, rather than buy a business outright and run it alone, invest in someone else's good idea and work with them to develop the business. This is management buy-in. A younger Business Angel can also be a succession solution.
  • Consultants looking for a greater reward from the results of their work, not just fees for service. Consultants then know that their advice will directly affect their own financial position.
  • Companies who have generated surplus cash through their own diligence seek to invest their systems, contacts, time and money to help another company achieve growth.
  • Co-founders and Crowd Entrepreneurs give startups a great chance of success.
  • Equity Crowd Funding plus Business Angel is a powerful combination.

Why do we offer this service?

With the right people, business venture, capital, skills and networks you have a greater chance to not only succeed, but exceed expectations.

Business Angels is passionate about providing a sophicated central register where both angel investors and businesses find each other. The needs of the business are matched with the angels' criteria.

Why it works?

The process of both sides finding each other has been described as a "giant game of hide and seek with both parties blindfolded" until now. Our Business Angels database provides structure to the private venture capital market and opens up opportunities that may not have been considered. Registering with a central database offers everyone broader options.

The matching expertise and database management skills of the Business Angels teams provides a firm foundation for the Business Angels register; this is coupled with the motivation to help entrepreneurs realise their potential.

Innovative small and medium enterprises play a pivotal role in the health of the economy. Many innovative technologies are being ignored because they are seen as too disruptive. A Business Angel's skill and investment can give confidence to the entrepreneur to increase the success of the venture.

Dramatic social and technological change also require new solutions for business growth. In 1999 the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced that forty percent of people would never marry - this will impact on the family business and succession issues.

How to get involved

Most good ideas are simple and this central register is one such good idea. Registration on our database can only occur by paying the fee and completing our questionnaire. See our fee policy - fees; on the navigation bar at the top of this page. Once you have read our information and wish to register complete the registration application form. Upon receipt of your payment we will email you a link to the detailed questionnaire.

"I have just finished reading 'Private Capital for Private Companies'. I found it not only informative but highly insightful into the business culture that surrounds angel investors and ambitious entrepreneurs. MB

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