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70076VIC$0$500,000I am an experienced business operator who gets into the skin of a business, I have driven business growth across multiple sectors within my own business, privately owned and investee businesses for private equity. I am looking to align my expertise with either owners or investors looking for a hands on professional that can work across all layers of a business for an equity stake.
70068VIC$20,000$250,000I am looking for an interesting venture to invest funds and expertise.
My strengths lie in financial analysis, strategy, commercialisation and ideas. If further funds are needed I can prepare documents and approach my networks. I have also helped turn several large companies around.
70060NSW$0$200,000I am looking to invest alongside a motivated and passionate entrepreneur who has vision and work ethics. I have 15 years experience buying, selling and managing small to medium enterprise. I am looking to add value and assist the business grow by helping build systems, processes and accessing local networks.
70058OTHER$30,000$100,000Looking for investing into small to medium business with high growth potential. Keen to offer capital along with board/financial/management advice or consulting. I am an experienced investment professional and senior manager with more than 15 years' experience, and my background is CFO, investment banker, PE investor, management consultant and chartered engineer. Substantial Australia and Greater China experience.
70056NSW$10,000$300,000I am looking to invest in a small and attractive business in a growing market segment/industry. I have worked primarily in financial services and have experience successfully launching and managing new products. I can assist in strategy, planning, marketing, administration and operations. I am potentially looking to invest time as well as capital.
70055VIC$1,000,000$50,000,000Looking for developers requiring funds / or additional funds for projects - ongoing if I find the right people. Preference for small to medium sized projects on townhouses or apartments. First mortgage security required. Will also consider other opportunities that match my business background in retail appliances, furniture & food, manufacturing food & recreational vehicles.
70052NSW$50,000$1,000,000I am looking to invest in and personally work with highly motivated entrepreneurs who have the vision and work ethic to build a world class business. I have 16 years experience in Financial Services as well as experience in the Advertising and Television industries. I am looking add value and assist the business grow and reach it's potential. My main interest is asset management and financial planning.
70049QLD$100,000$1,000,000I am looking for a passive role with a board/mentoring engagement that will support business development and growth. My background is Structural and civil engineering consultancy services and property development. I have significant experience within the construction industry from residential through to large scale commercial projects. As a former CEO I am also aware of the need for successful organisations to implement sophisticated business practices.
I have considerable experience in HR, Marketing, IT implementation and maintenance, Sales and business development.
70048NSW$10,000$250,000Seeking businesses that require some capital and or advice from a strategic perspective. Looking for those that are providing a solution that can not be easily replicated.
70046VIC$50,000$900,000Seeking a unique product offering or service that is forward thinking, nimble, that can be scaled and has mass market appeal and can demonstrate success or appeal to date, where I can compliment the business with my insights and skillset.
70045VIC$10,000$300,000I am open to almost any industry, including property development. I am looking for a passive role with a board/mentoring type role and work to grow a business. My background is Mining, exploration and for the last 13 years I have been involved in printing, international trade, complete company management of a successful internet printing company from top to bottom.
70042NSW$10,000$250,000Companies who need a quick cash injection for growth. I am able to provide unsecured finance for any healthy business operating for more than a year.
70041QLD$1,000,000$3,000,000I am looking for any Australian business that is willing to relocate to India to save cost or willing to relocate or outsource any part of the business to do the same or a start up willing to use skilled workforce from India to get the project done cost effectively are welcome to approach me for equity partnership arrangement. I have got required resources to get involved as equity partner.
70034NSW$5,000,000$40,000,000We are looking for companies that could be the next ASX 200 listed company, and founders that have the vision, drive and conviction combined with the ability to execute. We have a breadth and depth of contacts that can assist founders fill in the missing skill sets - eg. accountants, lawyers, capital introductions, equity capital markets advice.
70032NSW$10,000$300,000Entrepreneurial company director looking for additional business opportunities and to assist budding entrepreneurs and business owners with my vast experience and nearly 20 years of self employment. I have over 10 years in the construction industry namely in the faade and glazing sector and a particular passion for the hospitality industry having a vast network in this area.
I can offer;
general management experience
Project management
Manufacturing advice
Industry contacts and networks
Sales and marketing assistance
Strategic planning
Financial assistance and injection
Importing products from China
Looking to invest in businesses/companies with potential that require guidance and funds to get to the next level
70026NSW$10,000$50,000I am a director of business, looking to partner with others as a consultant/investor.
Looking for best practise in financial modelling for easy to understand key risks after breaking down complex and unusual business problems.
I want to help projects with clear business plans, or to challenge and test existing plans and projections.
I would like to be able assist business to determine, What is my business worth . How, and how much, should I charge for my product How much cash does my business/project need to raise
70021NSW$50,000$500,000A successful entrepreneur who built and sold his business in Europe and emigrated to Australia 3 years ago. Currently working in the Energy sector in Australia. Looking to invest in a young, dynamic and innovative company in Australia. Can provide leadership, strategic planning, sales and marketing and general management. Looking for the next Richard Branson. Very interested cycling products, agriculture and food.
70014NSW$50,000$500,000My background is financial management, IT, and have strong experience in successful outsourcing. I have extensive contacts around Asia and I am able to provide world class and best practice guidance in financial management and governance structure. I am looking to invest in businesses which make a difference. I am very interested in Aussie businesses operating in VietNam needing fund/expertise for expansion.
70007NSW$20,000$300,000With over 10 years in the health care industry I am looking to invest in a health related business; Home care, disability care, nursing agencies, locum agencies, preventive health, healthcare technologies.

I can contribute to
- Streamline processes
- Hands on
- reduce admin costs.
69995WA$200,000$300,000Young investor with strong construction background looking to buy into residential and light commerical construction businesses - prefers low to mid end market rather than high end.
69984NSW$100,000$2,000,000I've worn different hats in my career export sales, logistics, COO, CFO, business owner and been through M&As. As a result I became a multi linguist of business. I speak fluent Italian and English I am good with difficult clients, accountants, IT geek, suppliers and private equity.
I am looking for starting/growing export orientated niche business. I can contribute to business improvements from Bottom to Top. Looking to invest with passionate owners and become part of the team.
69979QLD$0$1,000,000We am looking for sustainable technologies with a focus on lifecycle and business integrity. My express purpose is to be able to integrate your concepts and products into a system which is already connected to commercial outcomes. We are particularly interested in energy storage.
69971NSW$0$100,000Since 1985 I have prepared business plans and financial models for 100-odd good Aussie entrepreneurs. I had 20 years prior practical experience in production, QA, sales, marketing, finance and administration.
I have worked for governments, investment managers and insolvency firms and have written a book about business planning and financial modelling. I am willing to invest in a good project.
69964NSW$0$100,000I am an Engineer who has founded, built and sold two businesses then helped founders at Bristol University, UK as an Entrepreneur in Residence. Having arrived in Sydney, I'm looking for a team that I can work with to build (and possibly sell) the next business.
69955NSW$20,000$1,000,000I am looking for companies with a good product or idea with scalability. My strengths are sales and strategy. I am interested in a broad range of industries. I have invested in various IT projects as well as in the arts and film.
69954VIC$10,000$200,000I would like to be involved in a new business, either hasn't started trading or in the first year. I can help with start up having started 5 business's from scratch in the past 15 years. I would consider any industry that interests me. I am particularly interested in all facets of health.
69947NSW$100,000$1,000,000My preferred industries are IT, Property and Hospitality.
I can provide strategic management and finance skills.
Have a very broad network to tap into.
69944NSW$10,000$50,000I have an extensive experience of plastic product development. I can contribute for Formulation development, Production process and Market development. I also have a good experience of managing Production floors, start-up projects.
69935NSW$0$10,000,000Established in 2010 to bridge a gap between Australia and Asia within the Agriculture, Mining and Property sectors. We look to encourage investment in the private sector, to identify the hindrance of investment and provide necessary facilities and assistance in the establishment of industries. The wide range of services we provide include investment promotion and facilitation covering support, suggestion and aftercare support to all investors. The prime vision is to promote domestic investment as well as to enhance international competitiveness of Australia's produce and resources and contribute to the overall social and economic development of Australia.
69931WA$0$50,000I am looking for businesses which are sustainable, profitable, relevant and appealing to the Asian market. I am able to bring these businesses to Asian investors as my contacts there are extensive.
69920WA$20,000$100,000I'm a strategic planner who can address any ongoing issues or problems in a company with the aim of improving the company performance through tactical and strategic steps. My personal satisfaction is not measured in monetary terms but in how much and how fast improvement I can bring to the organisation. My ideal investment is in local Australian companies with innovative products/services that have interstate and international market potential regardless of size."
69914SA$10,000$100,000We have 30 years experience in building small businesses into larger businesses, we have experience in General Management, Sales, marketing and media execution.
69900VIC$10,000$90,000To invest in companies that are seeking opportunities to commercialise their innovations and advances in science and technology. I am interesting in assisting at start-up or growth stages of business development.
69899VIC$10,000$100,000I am seeking opportunities to provide needed funds and expertise to get businesses through the tough times and back on course for growth and profits. I am willing to package an appropriate mix of funds and consultation to complement the capacity and capability of the current business owners.
69897QLD$10,000$100,000I currently work in the Electrical Engineering / IT Industry with more than 10 years of experience in this field, I am also a part time property investor which is something I have being doing for over 12 years. I am willing to help and support new and existing reliable business; depending of the type of business I am willing to be a hands on or silent partner.
69892NSW$10,000$100,000I am looking for a small business that is established but in its early stages. I have decades of experience owning and operating a variety of small businesses. I am experienced in all areas of business and currently own a financial services and small business coaching business. I am an experienced business coach and mentor with particular strengths in finance, cash flow management, business systems and marketing
69885VIC$100,000$500,000Our company has access to private funds and is looking to invest in established businesses that are sustainable and looking to grow. Our involvement can include pure investment and/or HR Management/Recruitment as well as overseas networking for Australian Business. We are interested in assisting Australian entrepreneurs with an open mind and willing to explore new ideas. We are interested Finance and accounting, Education or IT solutions or sales
69882VIC$10,000$2,000,000An experienced investor with broad business experience having built and sold businesses within a number of sectors locally and internationally. I am looking for opportunities to grow and expand businesses that have exceptional people behind them. I am old enough to know better but young enough to add serious horsepower and contacts to any growing business. I am not tied up on the type of industry however I am looking for businesses that show they are relevant to the changing Global needs of the consumer.
69873NSW$50,000$100,000A widely experienced and highly successful Financial Manager with particular strengths in developing and implementing strategy, building and sustaining internal and external relationships, negotiating favourable commercial outcomes and providing financial leadership.
Industry background includes over two decades in the hard dollar' construction sector and exposure to the infrastructure sector from both the government and the management consultancy perspective.
Operates well in high challenge environments where creating and managing vision is critical to success.
69872NSW$20,000$50,000Investor with broad Management Team level FMCG experience both in Australia and Asia looking for small but ambitous venture needing help to grow/shape a great business. Background in Agriculture and strong risk management skills. Located in the Albury region.
69856ACT$10,000$100,000I am looking to assist Australian IT business of small to medium size grow their business and look for a successful exit further down the track. I am a creative, commercial and hard working executive, looking to develop an Australian company into a global player. I have a strong IT background with specialised knowledge in IT Law.
69831NSW$0$300,000Looking to get involved in an enterprise that could grow well with more capital and input from an advisory board. I have a background in insurance, financial services and import and distribution of FMCG.
69825VIC$50,000$5,000,000Investor with a strong professional background and international contacts in import distribution looking at applying funds and expertise to help grow businesses connected to the industry. I am an experienced investor with strategic vision.
69790VIC$100,000$500,000Experienced investor and business owner. I can contribute to: Streamlining administration and accounting functions
Productisation of sales offerings and development of sales and marketing strategies
Human resource procurement and rationlisation
Grooming company for further capital raisings
Development of exit strategies.
69781NSW$1,000,000$30,000,000Our purpose is to invest in quality companies, which are in need of investment capital between AUD 1.0m 30.0m. We can provide finance linked with expert management using proven best business practices, we have previous board experience. Looking for scaleable business models, growth and niche markets.
69772VIC$500,000$2,000,000Medical Doctor looking to invest in a health related business, eg) medical service company. I am particularly interested in preventative health, sport fitness etc.
69735VIC$100,000$1,000,000Investor with a strong professional background and extensive international experience in all facets of the aviation industry looking to apply funds and expertise to help grow businesses connected to the industry. Our preference is for businesses that have a focus on services rather than manufacturing.
69727WA$100,000$900,000I have experience across many industries. I pioneered the monetisation of search engines per-google. My strength is in sales and marketing. My preference is for an established company which I can guide in strategy and ideas but not daily running or administration.
69710VIC$100,000$700,00020 years of business experiences, plenty of ups and downs have left me with a strong sense of understanding value. Looking for opportunities with like minded business value builders with skill sets to complement each others output for success.
69677NSW$0$200,000I have an unusually extensive general business experience being a Fellow of the Institute of Directors plus a Computing Science PhD and investment funds. I would like to contribute both my skills and funds, if required. My strengths are organisational, analytical, problem solving. I am interested in a wide range of business areas.
69676NSW$1,000,000$25,000,000Our groups offers the following
- equity
- strategic alliances
- opportunities in South East Asia
- new markets
- management expertise
- capital raising expertise
69660NSW$50,000$250,000Small companies wishing to take their business to the next level. I am an experienced senior executive with a strong finance and general management background in international markets. Experienced capital raiser and bank negotiator.
69634NSW$10,000$100,000I would like to use my experience and entrepreneurial skills to assist local businesses with their marketing and strategic planning. My preferred role would be as a part-time consultant, non-exec director and possible investor. I have over 40 years experience in the paper, printing and business document industry. The last 10 years specializing in transactional services including the creating and support of internet services for the electronic document distribution. Main roles included Sales and General Management. The last 25 years as a CEO.
69579WA$500,000$1,000,000I am looking for established businesses in Perth, Melbourne or Sydney involved in Software Development, Cloud Computing apps or Digital Marketing, with strong IP who need cash and mentoring to successfully grow. I have skills across the board and have successfully grown several businesses.
69576WA$50,000$2,000,000Looking for either early stage or established businesses that would like to significantly expand in Aust and overseas. Experience lies in creating multiple growth in Asia, Aust, Europe - capital raised from global entities in excess of $50 million for early stage. Strong strategy and management skills.
69575VIC$1,000,000$5,000,000Looking for opportunities in vertically integrated businesses in aged care, health care, property development, biotech/genetics, areas to maximise efficiencies, utilising global management consulting experiences. Am entrepreneur myself so I know what it is like and what is involved. I also have access to various types of funding, both private domestic and Asian foreign funds management. I am a strategic thinker, able to see the long range /macro view.
69572NSW$30,000$200,000CPA with over 30 years experience across several industries including niche food manufacturing and distribution, exporting, cosmetics, direct sales, construction, retail and food. Well connected to raise funds. A strategic thinker with a practical management approach and a can-do attitude. Now ready to devote some time to new challenges and to take advantage of all the experience to help grow other businesses. Looking to invest in business opportunities with passionate people where he can use the experience to provide business direction and advice.
69561VIC$0$500,000Business to invest in full time , especially related to logistics , finance.Owned a business in South Africa for 20 yrs (t/o $7 mil).
69559NSW$100,000$500,000I am an experienced businessman with good strategic skills. I am looking for business or investment where I can provide a level of input that would give me personal satisfaction as well as a reasonable return on investment. My experience in manufacturing and importing can be applied to many industries. I also have a business partner in Melbourne who could co-invest.
69546QLD$30,000$100,000Looking to invest and offer expertise into a business with good growth potential. I have a proven business track record having built a company from scratch to a A$30 millon business in 10 years. My background is in importing but will look at a broad range of opportunities, except retail. I believe with with the right people great things can be achieved. Brisbane or Sunshine Coast preferred but will look further afield depending on the business.
69543WA$50,000$200,000Looking for a business with established demand wanting to go the next step and expand. Looking for hands on role, where my wife can bring strong admin skills and managerial skills and I can bring my lead generation, administration, product launching skills and general management skills. Fairly open about the kind of business.
69534VIC$200,000$500,000We are a wholesaling and distributing in the food or grocery sector. We can offer national distribution, sales and marketing and brand development. We also rebrand imported products which we could add to your portfolio.
69522NSW$10,000$90,000If your business relies on your intellectual property for its commercial edge, you will need to protect it expertly to extract maximum value. I have 20 years' experience in the area and am looking to work with 1-2 businesses a year to grow the value of the business and drive revenue.
69508QLD$0$50,000I grew up in an entrepreneurial household and I have run my own business for 20 years. I am on some government committees. I have a wealth of knowledge in establishing market position and distribution channels. Can also assist to raise capital.
69494WA$1,000,000$2,000,000Two brothers looking for a business that can be run under management. The business must have a track record or as a minimum have field tested the concept. Company is looking for capital to expand or to sell. We can contribute strategic management and financial management skills.
69485NSW$20,000$100,000Looking for investment with passionate, energetic company in clean / sustainable / ethical area with good growth potential. Strong business management and communication skills. Potential hands-on involvement.
69401VIC$50,000$300,000I am looking to invest time and finance into a business with excellent, short to medium term growth prospects. Industry sectors like recreation, retailing, wholesaling, personal services, distribution are of particular interest. I have a general business background that has come through building and running small businesses. I have particular skills in managing key client relationships, human resources and project implementation. Small business is my passion. Oh, and I love horses.
69393VIC$200,000$2,000,000Our company is a long established brand marketer within Australian pharmacy and major retail channels of distribution. We are seeking investment opportunities to assist the development of brands and businesses within these markets, particularly where our national sales force and established key account relationships can provide useful synergies.
69390NSW$100,000$200,000With a background in marketing and communication I have the ability to develop practical, commercially sound brand and business strategies. I recently established, developed and sold a successful start up. I'm looking for an equity involvement and active partnership in a young business with good growth prospects.
69348WA$10,000$350,000I am looking for an established business that has major growth potential or is very sound and can show an excellent return on investment. My background is Mining
, Mineral Processing and Retail Property but happy to look in other areas. Hands on or silent. If hands on I am a good manager and team builder.
69332NSW$50,000$1,000,000Sydney based investor with over 20 years experience and successful businesses seeking new IT/Internet/High Tech/Engineering & related ventures, including start-ups. Looking for like-minded professionals with great ideas ideally to invest, mentor and provide some hands-on.
69314VIC$200,000$1,000,000Investor experienced in startups, IT, import & distribution is looking for early stage businesses with strong existing management. I can bring a range of expertise & contacts to the table, along with boundless enthusiasm.
69311NSW$10,000$500,000Investor with 20 years experience in telco and project management seeking hands on role. I am looking for a well established importing, cabling, electronics company.
69305NSW$0$150,000Investor with strong business & technical skills, looking to be hands-on in a premium foods manufacturing and/or wholesaling company.
69293UK$10,000$500,000We are a marketing communications agency and after building years of experience marketing various products for our clients, we feel that we can use our skills (and capital reserves) to market a product ourselves. We have a huge experience and should be an attractive investment partner - after-all a huge initial critical outlay for most ideas is the marketing budget. We have been relatively unaffected by the recession in the UK, but it has focussed our minds into exploring other revenue streams.
We are looking for an idea or product which is infinitely scaleable, potentially maximise the internet, could be used in multiple markets - that would benefit from our proven brand and marketing input.
69291NSW$200,000$2,000,000First the people must be right, then the business model. I am looking to financially back and personally mentor very highly motivated entrepreneurs who have the vision and work ethic to build a world class business but lack the capital and experience to do so alone. With 25 years experience advising rapid growth businesses I am looking for opportunites to "add value" as an involved non-executive director with special strength in strategic, legal and financial areas.
69273OTHER$50,000$750,000Successful economic and management consultant in USA relocating back to Australia with family; Harvard MBA with down-to-earth business/commercial sensibility; Looking to invest money and perhaps time in businesses/ideas (and managers) that I can believe in.
69264NSW$0$350,000Currently I am looking for suitable small or medium sized business opportunities in fields where I am technically sound, especially in electrical contracting, switchboard manufacturing etc. I am looking for the following options.
1.Buy a small size electrical company (switchboard manufacturing / electrical contracting), which are available in the market.2.Enter in to suitable partnership (technical and financial) with an existing electrical organization or similar nature.
3.Alliance with entrepreneurs as a partner to start a new business in electrical field.
69234SA$50,000$1,000,000I have an automotive and property background. Now looking for a business with a good idea or product that I can help to grow. Prefer SA based but will consider interstate company seeking entry into the SA market.
69232VIC$100,000$1,000,000I have either personally developed or been actively involved in highly successful growth businesses. I have a passion for growing businesses with like-minded people. I know the challenges and what's required to successfully grow a business. I wish to actively participate in developing a business, but am flexible as to how this would work.
69228VIC$100,000$500,000As proprietor of my own business for many years involved in manufacturing, engineering, construction as well as dental equipment. I have a range of skills available to enhance a new venture as an equity partner.
69218NSW$100,000$1,000,000I am a CEO with thirty years experience in business services, transport, tourism, retail and franchising having led substantial businesses with sales turnovers of over $1 Billion as well as large franchise networks. I am MBA qualified. I am looking for an active investment in a Sydney based business that will benefit from my skills in either a full time executive of part time consulting or Board capacity. I am seeking a service business with potential for scaling up but will consider all good ideas.
69215VIC$0$50,000Senior Executive with the proven ability to take a small start-up company and turn it into a profitable concern. Very experienced in creating and developing products that are still currently being marketed worldwide and used by some of the largest companies in the world. My skills include financial strategies, finding partners and distributors, determining the Unique Selling Proposition, identifying niche markets, and developing submissions for government grants. In my early career I held national Chief Engineer positions for major companies. Expertise in robotics. I also have a strong interest in aviation and have a pilot's licence.
69214VIC$500,000$3,000,000Having negotiated four successful start-ups over the past ten years, each highly profitable and under management, I am now seeking to invest my time and skills to assist other entrepreneurs in achieving their goals. My primary skill set is in negotiating long term strategic alliances within markets.
69211OTHER$0$150,000Contribution Financial, experience growing and running companies
Company with annual revenues over $200,000, 3 employees in Qld looking for financiing to grow and mentor.
69204VIC$0$50,000Founder and Product Director of a successful Melbourne based, now international Financial Software company. I have left that business to focus on helping small Software/IT companies succeed. I am interested in software development, distribution and sales. I have vast experience in taking software global and would like to assist software developers from making all the mistakes many companies make.
69198NSW$0$400,000Successful media company looking to invest funds or infrastructure into other publishing companies. We specialise in magazines, directories and e-publications. We have a highly experienced team of designers and writers. We are very good at sales and we have a strong network of blue chip clients.
69190SA$0$200,000Entrepreneurial strategic thinker with Masters in Business Administration. Specialist in media/ advertising/ tourism related industry with significant industry contacts and expertise.
69173NSW$0$150,000My focus is on the back end of the ship. I excel at running a tight ship and continually find ways to improve the bottom line. I am looking for a business that requires a part time finance manager/CFO. I have a thorough knowledge of Australian Tax Law. Preferred location: Northern Beaches of Sydney and Sydney CBD
69149UK$50,000$20,000,000International online publishing group looking to invest in a national business re-using private and public sector maps and information in products to help manage risk in decision making in environmental, legal, financial, and property markets.
69147WA$100,000$500,000Vast business experience in a range of commercial areas from mining to shipping to trading. I am a problem solver with a passion for success. I am looking for a competent business partner. I do not want to work in a day-to-day hands on basis. I have my pilot's licence and like flying planes.
69117NSW$50,000$500,000Internet Executive. Experience at large new media companies - managed portals that attracted over 20 million UVs per month and web businesses that were their global category leader. As well as startups, including CMO for the hottest US web 2.0 job site. I am also interested in green energy opportunities. Desire to invest and take active management in innovative and growing consumer web business.
69101VIC$0$500,000Looking to earn an equity stake in a financial market service / investment company. Have almost 25 years experience as financial market trader and risk manager. Have set up and run investment bank trading operations as well as own successful financial market risk management consulting firm. Also have extensive experience developing algorithmic trading systems. Direct equity investment a possibility if the opportunity proves suitable.
69084NSW$30,000$30,000Orthopaedic Surgeon looking for business opportunities. Interested in solar energy, health care and manufacturing. Particularly interested in a company with potential for growth in Pacific-Asia region. Will consider startups. Can provide capital and guidance. Can be hands on and able to take on diverse roles if need be.
68996VIC$10,000$5,000,000Looking for an equity investment. Have strong management/business skills. Former partner law firm in NSW, currently MD of large business which I built from the ground up. Significant business contacts. Very interested in IT, medical and retail, especially online, and will look at other innovative businesses opportunities.
68949NSW$0$10,000,000Sydney based venture capital company focused on investments in the Asia-Pacific region with the potential to reach global markets. The company specialises in taking companies from seed stage to an IPO. The two managing partners have extensive experience in executing growth and exit strategies as principals, directors, and investors. Particularly interested in agriculture and mining.
68843VIC$2,000,000$10,000,000Passive investor who has strong management/business skills (MD of company for 8 years with $500 m turnover and 600 staff), significant capital base and solid network/contacts which may assist the business growth. I am looking for businesses that have experienced success and are looking at capital to grow the current business.
68805NSW$100,000$500,000I am looking to invest in established businesses that require funding and expertise to grow domestically & overseas and/or improve their profitability.
I will contribute my vast experience and expertise gained around the world in financial services, strategy & operational management consulting and general management of SMEs. In addition, I have a substantial network and as co-founder of one of Australia's largest angel investor associations extensive experience in capital raising.
68771QLD$500,000$2,000,000Investment company that has a particular interest in buying 80% - 100% of a company with strong cash flow. Would suit founder / owner who wants to retire. Happy to consider continued involvement of exiting CEO/ MD. Will put in CFO and assist with strategic development. Will look at a variety of industries excluding retail.
68690NSW$10,000$500,000Senior Retail Executive, having lead large retail turnarounds in Australia and overseas. Lead the expansion of some of the best known retail brands globally, combined with a healthy dose of hands on experience as a retail entrepreneur.
Looking for Retail Businesses where I can assist with Business Strategy, Market Positioning, Retail Operating Plan and the Roll out of a solid Retail Concept Nationally or Globally.
68649NSW$50,000$400,000I have built and developed several successful businesses, covering agriculture, manufacturing, publishing, software and hospitality. Finance and management are my strengths, and I have a good understanding of many technical applications and am interested in Internet commerce.
68613QLD$200,000$1,000,000We are looking to invest in and support businesses to help them grow through Australia, New Zealand and into the UK off the back of our existing client base and infrastructure.
Our investment strategy is to back the individual or management team to succeed, with ourselves providing assistance where we can add value.
68519NSW$500,000$2,000,000Investor currently running my own business and looking to invest in a business. I am involved in the Aviation industry and am looking to invest in a low risk long term relationship, where both parties can gain from each others mutual inputs and strengths. I can provided capital and personal business experience and am looking to add value to an existing business.
68422NSW$200,000$500,000My contribution is strong marketing, negotiation and brand building skills. Ability to think creatively. Experience in Film and TV marketing, mobile phone aps among other things.
68392NSW$200,000$200,000I am looking for a business which has scope to expand and requires a hands on person who has dealt with small business issues on the management and sales side over a twenty year period, specifically within the finance industry.
68319NSW$200,000$10,000,000Investor owning minority holdings in 6 Hightech firms (Telecoms, Computer, software, Internet, Voice over IP, hardware, insurance, services) seeks investment young companies with growth potential in related markets. Lawyer with Doctorate in Business Admin. I have assisted app 20 companies in the past to grow turnover by about 10 times. My technology companies ( several are internet based and service related) have strong salesforces in AUS,NZ, UK, and other countries which could be of benefit to a company looking to expand overseas.
68278VIC$50,000$50,000Having sold out my share of a successful business built through keen marketing and sales skills now looking for ambitious business owner with high integrity and business with high growth opportunity. Very successful direct selling experience. I have an economics degree and also have good CEO mentoring skills. Very interested in natural skin care and associated products.
68271NSW$200,000$500,000If your business is growing and you feel you would benefit from guidance, practical assistance and additional funds to underpin growth, if you have high integrity and appreciate straight talk perhaps we should engage in some. I am in my late 50s, basically retired but active and young in outlook, with 35 years experience in a variety of industries including business and legal services (my preferred field), media (advertising, PR, broadcasting, journalism) manufacturing and retailing. I have particular expertise and long experience in franchising. I have founded several very successful businesses (both franchised and traditional) and assisted as part-owner or consultant in the growth of many more.
68240VIC$200,000$500,000Seeking to partner with people/organisation that make a difference. Ideally they have an innovative product or service that has potential for growth both locally and overseas. I am an energetic professional wanting to make a success of opportunities that present themselves. With a proven track record I can contribute in the areas of sales, finance, and management having had experience in IT, manufacturing, and R&D/science organisations.
68100VIC$0$500,000I am interested in importer or distributor of telecoms /electronics / IT equipment (or software). I have just sold my company in this sector. I would be able to advise and consult based on my 35 years in the industry, both with major corporations and as a self-employed operator. I am looking for some personal involvement but not full time.
67935VIC$100,000$300,000Hands on investor seeking to assist a business achieve greater potential than existing management can realise. I am a successful angel investor with diverse business advisory background including strategy, sales-marketing and general management.
67848NSW$50,000$500,000I am the owner and managing director of a successful IT and telecommunications company, that I took from start-up to multi-million dollar turnover within a few years. My formal qualifications include a BA and MBA. I have worked with a number of start-up companies, including a public listing during the dot-com boom. I have also worked as a consultant for a number of start-ups assisting with their business plans. Ideally I would like some degree of active participation where I can assist with strategy and marketing to grow the business.
66616VIC$100,000$800,000Looking for a Joint Venture with an online store preferrably in the homewares sector. We import and distribute consumer goods, kitchenware and some manchester. We also have one retail outlet. I have good commercial and sales skills.
63040VIC$0$250,000I seek a sound small business with competitive advantage in food manufacturing / distribution, or construction / property. I offer hands on general management, marketing skills gained from a total of 30 years working across both industries.
54434VIC$100,000$200,000We are seeking to merge with and/or invest in an existing Giftware import business of similar or synergistic products. We offer a dynamic team and many years of experience.

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